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I" Patriotism and the Child."


I" Patriotism and the Child." By the REV. W. RBES, Llechryd. Among the splendid articles of the PIONEER from week to week, one in last week, and the other in the week before, have appealed to me with a special power, viz. Militarism Break- ing up the Home" (by Philip Frankford), and Patriotism and the Child" (by Emrys Hug- hes). The home is the primal and the most sacred institution of mankind; it is also the cradle of the race, and the first seminary of Heaven. War desecrates and tears asunder this divinest establishment. Children degener- ate in consequence of the degeneration of all the nations in the war. The Christian world and its culture is founded on lies and cruelties, and not on Love and Truth. The Great Father of all Men is transfigiired into a hideous brutal tribal God, and the Gospel of Peace into a poisonous cup. The inventions of science and the discoveries of philosophy are made weapons of destruction. War iSI the ag- gregate of all the horrors and the atrocities of the triple hells. The billows of the abysses roil over the world, and the shades of death hover over every land and Every home has become a gloomy mpnument of lamentation and woe, surrounded and assailed by the watch- fiends of Gehenna. A world of woe expands with pains in every nerve to put at nought the sweet delights of life. Innumerable hearts are rent in twain, and there is no place for pity on the planet, chiefly owing to the petri- fic hardness of priests and preachers, upholding the arms of the lords of slaughter and heedless as brutes of the blood that is shed, and of the groans and tears of parents and children, of widows and orphans, of brothers and sisters, of friends and sweethearts, of saints and sera- phim and above all, of the infinitely tender- hearted Saviour of Sinners. All the sense and sensitiveness of soul is cast out as filth and mire. Alas! the innumerable children that make their appearance under the sway of our infernal Juggernauts! Who now can che- rish and feed these Lambs of the Lord and keep them in the fold? In the name of Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, every child should be taught to shun, dtespise, and scorn the prevalt religion with all its dragon sects and statutes; and they should be diligently taught to disobey the laws of mur- der and compulsion— laws which no child of God can keep, being the laws of death to every energy of man, forbidding the very springs of life. The laws of churches, states and soldi- ers arise with ravening rage from the open sepulchres of satanio cemeteries, full of foul and hidden deceit, and only fit for Tophet and the everlasting burnings of Moloch, to whom thev immolate the young immortals of the world. The young people should be protected by powerful antidotes against the fiery flying serpents of the press. The filthy rags of the chui-che.s-C-atholic, English, Baptist, Con- gregational. Wesloyan. etc.. are full of blood, of lust, and shoutings for the slaughter, and the pooi: labourers are deceived and are leagued with robbers to throw the wide world of the workeers from its hinges, that the mansions of man may be forevor possessed by the monsters of the deep. Those who gave their life to free the labourers and their children are held in abhorrence, and those who devour their wel- fare arc taken into thoir bosom. There is a throne in every man: it is the throne of God; when the labourers become disloyal to this throne of love and justice inside v themselves, their manhood is gone, ahd they and their chil- dren are devoured tfo be enrobed with misery from head to feet. In their misery the capi- talist will pretend pity, and perhaps give alms with pomp and ceremony. Such are the soft mild ants of ciuel love and dark deceit, when the children are brought to cringe before their wealthy benefactors, whose riches and adorn- ments are crimes, horrid to think of in the light of reason—the ruddy fruits of rioting in human gore. Children should be taught to honour man and not money, with its barren glory and vain delusive display. They should also foe trained and ruled by love and tenderness, and by speak- ing to them at times in subdued and reverent tones of God the Father, and of their brother angels in heaven, who are always near them arnd helping them, and delighted with their in- nocent sports and plays. Little children should be gently handled, and led from the cradle into the love and light of their angel friends in the heavens, so that their obedience and knowledge may be soaked with innocence from above. Such children will naturally grow in the Love of God and man, and become useful members of society. But, alas, how contrary is the edu- cation of children as practised by many parents, and as brought up in our khaki schools and churches. The little new comers are soon scolded, called naughty, threatened with the rod, and often whipped cruelly in a bad tem- per. The angels of the little ones, who always see the face ef the Father in heaven, are shocked and struck with horror at such mal- practices. The parents thus extinguish in earliest years the innoeent- tenderness which is infused into the little children and make them saucy, savage, and revengeful even from the womb. Such brutal parents and teachers shut out the children from heaven and the angels, where nothing prevails but innocence, gentle- ness, love, and peace, and kind words uttered in sweet melodious tones. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. An angelic tongue trains a child into everlasting life. whilst a sour a,t iin- life. whilst a sour scolding tongue deals death and damnation. To bring up children to a full manly life. par- ents and teachers must behave themselves like angels. bend down into the state of innocence of wisdom, the true training for the parents and teachers themselves for the life and. the dominion of righteousness. Every child is a new creation, a new human wonder of God. created first in heaven an angel among the angels. From birth to the time when! freedom and reason are fully formed, the whole period of childhood is held in the tender em- brace and caresses of the cherubim of glory, and should be brought up in the tender em- brace and caresses of glorious parents andl teachers as co-workers in the greatest under-1 taHng. Heaven lies around us in our infancy. There was a time when we were little angels, when all men were little angels, clean and holy, open and plastic to the highest heaven and angels dwelt with them and shared their plays and pleasures. There was a time when all men were lovable, clean and holy, open to the inno- cence and the peace of the cherubim. It was w hen fond mgthers, moved by the tender Love of God, pressed them lovingly to their bosoms, and when the angelic virtues were stored away in their seuls. The most depraved have de- posits in a secret stratum that bears the im- print of angels' fingers under the special aus- pices of the Saviour the foundation of family, social, and celestial life. But militarism breaks the ome," uproots the Mial and friendly affeo- tiins, destroys smigi -ba In (I'v? the young to an untimly amF?XI;I-- death, de- prives the children of their birthright, and dooms them to the disastrous patriotism and the cruel "cant education" of the lords and slaves of slaughter in the serpent schools and dragon temples of the land.

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