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Rhondda Valley Trade Unionists…



HAVE YOU PAIN? J. Swift, Atterciiffe, Sheffield, says :—" The first dosegave me great relief. I can confidently say that one box of these pills has done me more good than all the medicine I have taken." Mrs. A. Wilkinson, of Nelson, states: "My sister, who suffered from weak kioneys, took one box, and it has done her more good than pounds spent on medical men." H?LDROYD'S GRAVEL PILLS, a positive cure for Gravel, Pains in the Back, Dropsy, Bright's Disease of the Ke:. Gout, Sciatica; is. 3d., all chemists; post free 14 stamps.— HGoOaLt, DftOYB'S MEDICAL HALL, OecHieaton.

I" Patriotism and the Child."

Trade Union Notes.


A Plea for the Support of…

I " Dicky " Wallhead at Aberdare.…