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A Comical Tragedy. I

No Confidence in Tribunal.…


No Confidence in Tribunal. I LLANTRISANT AND LLANTWtT VARDRE HuRAL DISTRICT TRADES ANI LABOUR COUNCIL. A meeting of tl*, above Council was held at the Institute, Tonyrefail, on Thursday, March 2, Mr. James Dicks presiding. After the minutes were confirmed, Mr. Mar- ch* Jones addressed the meeting, and on behalf of the South Glamorgan Labour Party, re- quested the affiliation of the Counicl to the South Glamorgan Labour Party. Mr. Jones also suggested that as a means of securing a personal link between the South Glamorgan Labour Party Executive and the Trades and Labour Councils throughout the division, that the Trades and Labour Councils should elect a member each to the Exec;utive.It was decidèd to put the matter on the agenda for the next meeting. Old-Age Pensioners. I A letter was read from the War Emergency Workers' National Committee requesting the support of the Council to the proposal of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain that Old- Age Pensions should be increased from 5/- to 7/6 per we,eii.-A resolution was unaniniaiis- ly passed in support of the proposal, and copies ordered to be sent to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Local Tribunal under the Military Service I Act. The constitution of the Local Tribunal under the Military Service Act was discussed, and as there was not one. Labour Member an the Tribunal, the following resolution was passed and copies ordered to be sent to the parties mentioned in She resolution: That having regard to the Government's pledge to give fair Labour representation on the Local Tribunals under the Military Ser- vice Act, 1916, and to the circular of the Local Government Board requesting local authorities to apraiint Labour representa- tives on such Tribunals, that we call the at- tention of the Prime Minister, the Labour Party, the M.P. for the Division, and the Rural District Council of Llantrisant and Llantwit Vardre to the fact that in this dis- trict not one Labour representative has been appointed upon the local Tribunal. We also desire to place on record our entire lack of confidence in a Tribunal constituted as ours is of men of the other closses only. This class prejudice has already smashed the Gov- ernment's pledge,, and will lead to decisions favourable to their own class, and against the workers. Nuisances at Tonyrefail and Gilfach Goch. I The Gilfach delegates called attention to the inconveniences at Gilfach Goch through a lack of urinals, and to the nuisance caused by the failure of the District Council to properly sca- venge the distoz-ict. No scavenger visited the Gardeu Village at Gilfach or Glamorgan Ter- race.—Oojrrplaint was also madp of the rein- forced concrete footbridge at Gilfaoh Goch. Whet, it rained a large pool of water gathered m frent of the bridge and made it impassable for women, and children without getting wet. The main roacl at Gilfach Goch was often flooded, too,, by water running from the Pen- rhiwfer Level. The Tonyrefail delegates complained of a nuisance at a stable near Gwalia House, High Street, Mud, dung and carts ob- structing the road leading to the avenue. One delegate suggested that this was the na- tural result of the District Council's war economy," and expressed the opinion that there would continue to be grave nuisances and dangers to the public health while the District Council insisted upon keeping an inadequate number of men to do the necessary work of the district. It was agreed that the Secretary should call the attention of the District Council to the complaints. I Payment of Cinema Musicians. I The Khondda Branch Secretary of the Mu- sicians' Union appealed for the Councils help in ar. effort to secure the payment of Union rate of Wages at the New Cinema, Tonyrefail. The rate paid at the New Cinema was 27/6 per week, whereas the Union rate which was paid in the Rhondda halls was 35/- per week. He had approached the proprietors, and had urged that 27/6 was far from a living wage, and that it was hardly fair to expeet a skilled musician to work for the sum. It was decided ta ask the proprietors to re- ceive a deputation upon the matter. Labour Representation eft Local Bodie" I The question as to how many and what seats should be contested upon the local bodies at the elections after the war was discussed, and it was agreed to defer consideration of the question. The matter to be raised next time at the discretion of the Secretary. I

A Voice in the Wilderness.


At Random. I -I


I Injured and Fined.I