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CORRESPONDENCE. HOW NEWSPAPERS TREAT ANTI- CONSCRIPTIONISTS. (To the Editor of the PIONICFR.) Dear Comrade.,—With reference to the corres- pondence published under the above heading in your issue of January 29 the 'South Wales Argus" on January 17 published, in reply to my mutilated letter, one purporting to be from a Belgian-" A Victim of German Barbarity." This was specially "billed, but the "Argus" has not yet seen fit to publish my reply a copy of which I enclose. You will see from the "Belgian's" letter that "Men. Bebel" suf- fered under every atrocity that could have happened to him, and I am wondering if he had any more relations and had told the Edi- tor of the Argus that the Germans had cooked and eaten them, he would still have published the letter? It is said that public opinion is in favour of the war, and seeing that t-hi&#is typical of the way public opinion is being manufactured, is it any wonder? How can the ordinary man in the street be expected to form sane judgment when from every periodical, from every plat- form, from evry pulpit practically without exception the cry of "Hate. Revenge, Kill" is heard, and so-called respectable newspapers stoop to such mean and despicable tactics as these. I wonder if—when the war is over—and the effect of the "bacillus patrioticococcus" has worn off, these people will be as ashamed of themselves as we are ashamed of them now?— Yours fraternally, W. J. POPE. I, ). 7 Albion Street, Newport, February 29, 1916. THE "CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR." LETTER FROM A VICTIM OF GERMAN BARBARITY. (To the Editor of the "South Wales Argus.") form, from every pulpit practically without would ever read such a letter as W..J.P,g! in your issue of yesterday. I wonder if this man (I expect he would feel hurt at being call- ed anything else but a man) had had my ex- perience he would still be a conscientious ob- j ector P I am a Belgium, and had a good and profit- able business in Brussels. I was happy and prosperous; the Germans came, my son was shot dead defending his country and home, my wife is practically insane through fright, my two daughters were taken away by the Ger- mans (I almost hope they are dead now—better death than dishonour), and I am broken in both mind and body, nearly 60 years of age, and practically penniless, after being all my life in fairly prosperous circumstances. I do not see that 2,000 years of Christian teaching has done much for me or my family. I wonder if W.J.P. would be cur enough to love the dear Germans if he were in my place. A friend is writing this for me, as I am not sufficiently conversant with the English langu- age.—Yours faithfully, JACQUES LEBEL. Royal Hotel, Cardiff, Jan. 13, 1916. -rroni S.W. Argus," Jan. 17th, 1916. CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS. (To the Editor of the "South Wales Argus.") Dear Sir,—I was very much interested in Mr. Lebel's reply to my letter on this matter, but cannot help regretting that the Editor of the Argus" did not see his way clear to publish the whole of my reply to Mr. Robjent. Every- one sympathises with the Belgian people in the terrible ordeal through which they have passed; and all abhor the brutal methods of the Ger- Inan military caste, the object of which was to terrify the whole population in order that they might the more quickly carry out their plan of campaign. The difference between your corre- spondent and the members of the No-Conscrip- tion Fellowship and other pacifist organisations is not in their hatred of militarism and its methods, but in their views as to the best means of settling this war, and preventing such a hor- rible catastrophe happening again. In our opinion the war is the result of the failure of diplomacy, the governing classes be- ing animated by ideas and ideate which are not shared by the common peoples. We believe that there is nothing, even now, between the belli- gerent nations which could not oe settled oy negotiation and arbitration, and that there is nothing in this war, or even in life itself, that oouid possibly justify one of God's children taking the lite of another. Now, however, the Government say you MUST fight whatever your principles, and Mr. Lebel says you utiovh* light because the Germans have committed atro- Cltles. We reply that we cannot, and will not light against the dictates of our consciences, and will refuse to undertake military service or to plaf-v. ourselves at the disposal of the mili- tary machine, whatever the consequences. I think nothing that has taken place in this war has shewn how militarism bruta1ise and degrades more than the callous murder of Miss Cavell, and yet this incident has been used to encourage militarism in this country, and the young manhood of the nation are asked to Avenge Nurse Cavell." Hundreds of men will kill and maim hundreds of others, and in turn will he killed and maimed, so tie whole pitiable thing goes on. How can I, as an in- dividual, help Mr. Lebel or the memory of Miss Cave.ll by killing Germans, who possibly hate the whole thing as much as we, and who, it is acknowledged, love their homes and wives and children as we do, and who think they are defending their "Fathorlnel" just as our peo- ple think they are defending ours. I cannot understand Mr. Lebel's reference to 2,000 years of Christian teaching. He surely doesn't blame Christianity for his misfortunes or the misfor- tunes of his countrymen. Is it not that the nations have forsaken Christ and have wor- shipped Mammon that has brought this terrible thing upon our heads? And is it not signifi- cant that the few people who have stood true to their beliefs, and who still think that Thou shalt not kill" and "Blessed are the peace- makers" mean just what they say, are the ob- ject of hatred, ridicule and persecution. Can we by repeating to ourselves. "Other nations are black but ours and our Allies are white," per- suade ourselves that Christ, in this one case, would sacrifice his principle's, don khaki, and go out into the trenches to kill and slay? Surely there issofindhing nobler and better in life than this savagery of Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Surely there is a more sane way to end this awful carnage than by a war of attri- tion with its sacrifice of millions more lives and treasure, to say nothing of the great mountain of hatred which is being built up. and which will be a barrier to the progress of civilisation for generations to come. In conclusion, I should like to say I have tried to get into touch with "Mr. Jaques Lebel" of the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, but find they KNOW NOTHING OF HIM OR ANY OTHBR BELGIAN Is this tale to be placed in the same category as those of the children with hands cut off at like wrists, the mutilation of women, etc., which have already proved to have been false, amd of which we shall be so ashamed when the war is over ?—Y ours faithfully I Janiiary 19. 191. W. j? V.  Jamiary 19, 1918.


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