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Miss Minnie Pallister.


Miss Minnie Pallister. Miss Minnie Pallister. who is to deliver two lectures to the Merthyr I.L.P. on Sunday, September 19 is probably the first lady to occupy the position of chairman of an I.L.P. Federation, in which capacitv she serves the Mon. Federation. She is the daughter of the Rev. Win. Pallister. a minister in the Weslev- an denomination, and was educated at Tasker's High School for Girls at Haverfordwest, and in the Secondary Schools at Grimsby. and at Cardiff. While here she took her London Ma- triculation (1st class) and entered Cardiff Uni- versity, where she remained for two years in order to take a Normal Course. At the end of this period she left with a Double First. Since that time she has been teaching at Brynmawr, where she is a prominent figure in the social an 1 industrial life of the "City of the Hills.'r In addition, Miss Pallister is an accomplished pianist, and has frequently served as such for the inimitable "Casey" in his wanderings in the valleys of Monmouthshire. The one and and only afterwards wrote and suggested a national tour together, Miss Pallister to be his pianist and elocutionist: this was at least a tribute to her merit. In his letter "Casey" addressed her as "My dear Oasis in a Desert of Unsympathetic Piano Smashers." She was invited to speak at the Norwich Conference 'this year, but had less than two minutes in which to t-,llrlk out anv- thing worthy of such an assembly. In spite of this she was an immediate success, and in the columns of the Pionkeu she was described by Mr. Keir Hardie as making the speech of the Conference, upon w hom she burst like a new meteor on the horizon." Miss Pallister wiil be remembered by the rea- ders of the Pio-NFFit as the writer of a charm- ing little sketch of a. iicene in a police court, which appeared in these columns some weeks ago. She will probably develop this theme in the afternoon when she will spea k on The Criminal, a Study In Waste." In. the evening s h e will take as liei- ,Ill) she will take as her subject "W.lliam Morris, the Beauty Lover." This will probably be of the nature of a recital of some of his works and the lessons to be drawn from the life of this great artist, poet and craftsman. Mer- thy Comrades will perhaps be interested to know that this will be the first occasion on which our Comrade has addressed two meet- ings in one day.

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