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Miner s Wives Crticised. I

Labour Abroad. I


Labour Abroad. I ONE ACAINST US. I When Litvinoff was asked at Copenhagen whether Soviet Russia would admit the mission of enquiry which the British Trade Union Con- gress has decided to send, lie replied (according to a Reuter message) Let them get British passports first." As a similar commission appointed at the Berne Internati-onal Conference nearly twelve months ago 'have so far failed to obtain pass- ports for their visit to Russia, Litvinoff's reply reveals him tas a skilled diplomatist. LEFT SOCIALISTS' DECISIONS. I The Left Wing Socialists of Seandinavia and Finland have been in conference at Stockholm. The Conference adoffted three resolutions, one in favour of the Third International; the second affirming their solidarity with the workpeople of Soviet Russia, and urging the development of Trade Unions into active elements of social re- volution by the method of direct action, sym- pathetic strikes, and organised sabotage and ob- struction and the third, recommending the further development of Trade Unionism along the lines of federation with greater autonomy for local Unions. RUSSIAN TRADE UNIONISTS' APPEAL. "The Times" of December 16th publishes an alleged Russian Workers' Appeal," in which a denunciation of Communism is given as coming from the executives of twenty-one unions (no names given) of a large Russian city (no name given). Lest the suggestion tihat Russian trade unionists are opposed to the Soviet regime should pass unchallenged, it will be well to refer to the official manifesto recently issued by the All-Russia Central Council of Trade Unions, re- presenting three and a half million Russian trade unionists. This manifesto was issued to the Washington International Labour Confer- ence to express the point of view of the Russian trade unionists. Like the Australian trade unionists, they refuse to have anything to do with what they regard as a sham International, and call on the workers' organisations of all countries to break with the "International of Conciliators," and form a genuine revolutionary International of professiona l and workers' unions. The manifesto ends with acclaiming the Soviet Republic, and is signed by all the mem- bers of the All-Russia Central Council of Trade Unions, and dated from Moscow, October 8th, 1919. ITALIAN PARLIAMENT VOTES FOR SOCIALISM. A very striking resolution is Reported from the Italian Chamber. The Socialists proposed an aiiieudlnf>nt mtl\l' Klng's:.t'dl:dedng that uncultivated or badly cultivated land should be expropriated in favour of (agricultural co-opera- tives, and that the State and trade unions Should exercise control over factories as a step towards nationalisation of big industries. Ac- cording to -1 The Time,, correspondent this re- solution was supported hy the Catholics and passed by a large majority. What actually hap- pened and how much it may mean is not yet clear. The issue of Avanti for this date contains an eloquent series of blank columns. FRENCH MINERS THREATENED STRIKE. French miners have notified their intention of putting an end to the procrastination of the Government and thp mine-owners in dealing with their case. If. by February loth next year, full satisfaction of their demands has not been obtained, work will cease in all the mines of France.

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