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The Steelwork's Settlement

The Steelworkers' Quarrel


The Steelworkers' Quarrel Mr. Tom Phillips, secretary of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Iron and Steel- Makers' Association, on Wednesday made the following statement to the Press relative to the newspaper interview (publish in an- other column) with Mr. Fred Mills, the Ebbw Vale steel-iliaster:- I note that Mr. Mills mentions that be received no notice of the meeting held on Mpnday. I would like to explain the posi- Hon. Last Sunday I was directed by a ma- jority of the members of the association to convene a special meeting the following day to consider the situation that had arisen in connection with the skilled tradesmen. I telephoned on Sunday to Mr. Tudor Henry, one of the chief officials at the Ebbw Vale offices, and asked him if he would advise Mr. Mills of the meeting. He promised to do so. Just prior to the meeting on. Mon- day Mr. Henry rang me up to say that Mr Mills had been away over the week-end, and he had failed to convey my message to him, so that no representative would be pre- sent from Ebbw Vale. I notice also a. statement that no settle- ment with the skilled tradesmen was come to at Ebbw Vale until Tuesday- afternoon at 3.45. I think there must be some misun- derstanding here. On Thursday morning last a letter was received by me from the Ministry of Labour, London, inviting the association to send representatives to a joint Conference of the parties in dispute, which was to be held on Friday afternoon (the 24th) in London. Just before the opening of the conference I was handed a telegram from the Ebbw Vale Company, which reads as follows: Ebbw Vale Company has agreed to accept terms submitted by Trades and La- bour Council, and have advised Minister of Labour accordingly.—Company. That telegram naturally made the posi- tion of the other members of the association a difficult one, and it was largely due to it that the special meeting was convened for Monday last."

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