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The Joint Industrial Conference.I

Our London Letter.I

Mr. Hodges Explains.

Referendum on Nationalisation


Referendum on Nationalisation The findings of a Royal Commission, whose recommendations the Government was pledged to accept in letter and spirit as the basis of legislation, has descovered the urgency of the nationalisation of coal mines. The Government has gone back upon its pledges and its Commission, and has defi- nitely refused Nationalisation. It is the Government of a country that boasts of its democratic constitution. The ultimate ap- peal with democracy is to a referendum of the electorate. Why then this gem from Monday's Parliamentary debates?— Mr. Grattan Dowle (C.U. -Newcastle, N.) asked whether, in view of the import- ance now assumed by the question of the nationalisation of the mines, the Govern- ment would adopt the democratic and con- stitutional methods of submitting the issue to the free and unfettered verdict of the people by a referendum of the whole elec- torate. Mr. Bonar Law The Government are not prepared to adopt the suggestion.

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I Reduction of Armaments.