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-———————— N. L. P. ———————— A REALLY BIG FOUR ——————— I ———————————————————————————————————————————————— ————— THE ————— MEANING OF SOCIALISM By J. BRUOE GLASIER. With an Introduction by J. A. HOBSON, M.A. No subject is of great IT interest or importance at the present time than SociaJisan. Empires and Kingdoms arc undergoing vast revolutionary upheaval, and the whole social and political framework of civilisation appears likely to be reshaped on Socialist lines. It is desirable therefore that an up-to-date statement of the meaning 8f Socialism should be placed before the publie. No one is better qualified for that task than the Author of this book, who is one d the founders and leading propagandists im the Socialist movement. '.In a series cf chapters Mr. Bruce Glasier presents Socialism in all its main aspects—political, ooono-.ii,ic, and etliical-tiiifolding its ideals and practical aims and its prophecy of a new civilisation. THE ENQUIRERS GUIDE TO SOCIALISM. Paper Boards, 2/6 (Post Free, 2! 9). READY. ORDER IT. THE SOCIALIST LIBRARY-XII. PARLIAMENT AND REVOLUTION By J. RAMSAY MACDONALD. CONTENTS: III. The Russian Rerolution.-IV. The Dictator- I ship of the Proletariat.—Y. Soviet Franchise.- VI.-Soviet Democracy.—VII. Territorial v. Trade Constituencies.—VIII. Parliament.—IX. "Direct Action." —X. Revolution.-XI. The In- dependent Labour Party.—Appendix House of Commons Basiness. PAPER 1/6 (Post Free 1/9). A Book to Buy—Read—And Ponder Over. RED RUBBER J THE STORY OF THE RUBBER SLAVE TRADE ON THE CONCO. By E. D. MOREL. Twelve years have passed since this tremendous book first saw the light. The children of that day are now adults, and there are many cogent reasons why the rising generation of the workers, who have been eager 'readers of Mr. Morel's writings on the war, should familiarise t-bemselves with the terrible tragedy of the Congo, and with Mr. Morel's exposure of it. The story unfolded in these burning pages conveys a profound moral which La- I%e story unfokied in th es?- hu ;z:?h a capitaliaic sm' ety has ivrou ght in Ehirope,, bour, confronted with the wreckage which a capitalistic society has wrought in Europe, will not be slow to appreciate. But this is not merely a republication of an epoch making and historic work." Mr. Morel has added new chapters which greatly enhance its value and which brings the narrative up-to-date, i.e., up to July, 1913, when the work of reform became fully accompiilflhed. i •* Paper, 3/6 (Post Free, 3/9). THE SOCIALIST REVIEW OCTOBER-DECEMBER, 1919. Edited by J. RAMSAY MACOONALD. CONTENTS: The Socialist Review" Outlook. The Editor The Meaning of SociaHsm J. Bruce Glasier The Marching Song of Man Margot Robert Adamson The Garden City Douglas Deuchar The Times on France and Germany Thoughts on I. L.P. Policy John Scurr Ukraine In Its Relations to the Eastern Problem I. Peter Didushok Three Dynamitards James J. Eaton Book Reviews i Price: ONE SHILLING (Post Free 1/2). The National Labour Press, Ltd. ——— 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester, and ——— 8-9 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.

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