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Merthyr Notes I

Llantrisant and District Notes.


Llantrisant and District Notes. Miss PALJISTER-s GREAT WORK.— During last week Minnie Pallister has been conducting a campaign in the Llantrisant district, and the results of the campaign arc two new branches of the I.L.P., a large ac- cession of strength to the Llantrisant Branch, the prospect of a new I.L.P. Fed- eration, and the inspiration of members and sympathisers with tremendous enthusiasm for Socialism. A SocIAL AND MEETING.—The campaign commenced on Tuesday with a social at the Church Hall. A public meeting fol- lowed addressed by Tl1 Young and Miss Pallister. Miss Pallister was in great form and quickly captured the audience with her inimitable wit, humour and eloquence, and her clear exposition of the great principles of Socialism for which the I.L.P. stands. PONTYCLUN MEETING.—On Wednesday evening a meeting was held at the Old Schools, Pontyclun. Here the speakers were Councillor Gomer Jones, of Penygraig, a discharged soldier 1 and Miss Pallister. Here the greatest speech of the series was de- livered by Miss Pallister. With deadly effect she sketched the evils of Capitalism, with convincing eloquence she showed that the resources of the world were more than abun- dant to meet the needs of all were such re- sources socially owned and controlled. Her exposition of the principles of Internation- alism for which the I.L.P. stands was mag- nificent, and great was the effect of her re- citation which described the love of the mother on the Thames and the Rhine as the same immutable Mother Love. The meet- ing was an enthusiastic one, and at its con- clusion a branch of the I.L.P. was forine(f LLANT\N-LT FARDRE MEETING.—OH Thurs- day evening the Llantrisant -I.L.P.ers trekked to Llantwit Fardre. Here a meet- ing was held, with Mr. T. T. Mardy Jones in the chair. Owing to a misunderstanding the advertising had not been efficiently done and the meeting was consequently a small one. The speakers were Owen Hughes and Miss Pallister. Here again Miss Pallister stated the case for Socialism with her own convincing eloquence and clearness of ex- position. MARDY JONES" CONTRIBUTION.—At the conclusion of Miss Pallister's address, no questions being forthcoming, Mardy Jones made an appeal for the formation of a branch of the I.L.P. at Llantw it Fardre. He stated that he had been a member of the I.L.P. for over twenty years, having joined the first branch which was formed in South Wales at Mardy. He also stated his inten- tion of becoming the first member of the Llantwit branch by transferring to it. A Branch was there and then formed. PONTYPRIDD I.L.P. TAKE NOTE.—The es- tablishing of these two new branches has now opened out the prospect of a new I.L.P. Federation. With a branch at Ponty- pridd, another at Llantwit Fardre, another at the Old Town of Llantrisant (Cross Inn Station) and another at Pontyclun (Llan- trisant Station) all along the Cowbridge branch of the T.V.R., we get an easily ac- cessible area, undergoing industrial devel- opment and which in the future is bound to become very populous. It is up to the oldest branch/ Pontypridd, to take the initiative and see that a Federation is formed and that this area is made solid for Socialism. Come oii, Pontypridd, any- thing doing ? POLITICAL DESPERADOES.—Prior to the final meeting on Friday night at the Church Hall, Llantrisant, a rumour had gained cur- rency that as the "Red Flag" had been sung at the Tuesday night's meeting the I.L.P. had been refused the use of the hall. The rumour took all sorts of fantastic shapes. We heard that the Red Flag had been fired at the top of the building by some I.L.P.ers and that the roof had been broken in doing so. Another rumour was to the effect that if the Red Flag was sung at Friday night's meeting then the meeting would be broken up by soldiers. What a libel on the discharged soldiers of the town and how it ignores the fact that a goodly number of discharged soldiers are members of the I.L.P. and many more are sympathisers. The remarkable thing about these rumours is that they arose out of poli- tical prejudice and hatred of the I.L.P. and not out of any objection to the singing of the "Red Flag." That is proved by the fact that at a Labour Party social held some months ago the Red Flag was sung and splendidly led by Councillor John Stephens, who, by the way, is not an I.LP.er. No- thing more was heard of the matter. The writer of these notes has known Llantrisant political life pretty closely for the past 20 years, and during the whole of that time it is perfectly true to say that no political or- ganisation of any kind has existed, whicli is so strong as the Llantrisant I.L.P W, wonder what I.L.P. opponents would say if the 1. L». said, We obiect to the singing of the National Anthem at your meetings, and if you persist in singing it we'll smash your meetings up." There would be the usual "Daily Wail" echoes of /Tyranny," Bolshevism and Extremists." Yet it is precisely the resort to this kind of tyranny, this hooliganism, that some of our opponents have been contemplating. Who are the extremists? During the last five years the I.L.P. has been under a cloud. Opposition, owing to the passions and hatreds of war has been intense and unscru- pulous. Our leaders have been persecuted and thousands of members of the I.L.P. have been thrown into prison, and in many cases tortured. Yet throughout it all the members of the I.L.P. have borne their ill- fortune with the smile which only those who have a deep political insight can as- sume. Now that the passions and .hatreds of war are subsiding and reason is once again beginning to assume sway, there is a big tidal wave movement towards Socialism. Our opponents watching the movement are getting downhearted. To them we would say, "Smile Be sportsmen Play cricket! Don't adopt the tactics of political despera- does The breaking up of public meetings is a double-edged weapon best left sheathed. THE MEETING.—I.L.P.ers had been busy countering the effect of the rumours, so a good meeting assembled, and as responsible- people cannot go down in front of threats of violence the "Red Flag" was sung. The speakers were Councillor Arthur Jones and Miss Pallister. Again Miss Pallister was in great form and told the audience of the real attitude of the I.L.P. towards the sol- dier-how it fought for the soldiers' wives and dependents and the discharged and dis- abled men. She reminded the soldiers of the fact that upon their discharge they had to organise their own union to fight the very same government which the I.L.P. had been fighting throughout the war. She gave an enjoyable dig to the men, who, be- lieving the war a holy one had kept on trotting to the Tribunals for exemption. It was a dig thoroughly enjoyed and ap- plauded by the audience. The case for the women was splendidly put, and after deal- ing with Bolshevism, Revolution and coun- ter-revolution, with Mother Love and Inter- nationalism and the capitalistic causes of war, she concluded a fine speech by reciting Captain Robert Service's poem "Carry on." The Secretary's stock of membership cards ran out and new cards have had to be sent for. The full fruit of the campaign has not yet been garnered. Ax ARTIST.—If to invoke feelings in others, experienced by oneself, is art, then the compliment can honestly be paid Miss Pallister that she's an artist. As one watched her departure on Saturday, and heard poorly-clad working lads ask her with some- thing very much like reverent affection in their tones When are you coming again, miss?" one could hardly help feeling, in spite of the past five years, that her own faith in the innate goodness of the common people is abundantly justified by her own personal experiences. The week has been an I.L.P. triumph, and the Llantrisant I.L.P. should see to it that Miss Pallister spends a Sunday afternoon on the Graig, when the summer comes. Meanwhile Carry on." MORGAN JONES NEXT WMEK.—Councillor Morgan Jones, of Bargoed, organising secretary of the Welsh I.L.P. speaks for the Llantrisant branch on Monday next, October 27th. at 6.30 p.m., at the Church Hall. AH those who do not wish to miss a treat should make a point of turning up early.

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