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National Industrial Council…

Tom Mann's New Job.


Tom Mann's New Job. Congratulations to Mr. Tom Maun on his election as Secretary of the A.S.E., his own old union. The post was relinquished by Mr. Robert Young, on his election to Parliament for the Newton Division of Lan- cashire. The election was by ballot, and Mr. Mann secured a large majority over his opponent, Mr. J. Kaylor, a member of the executive. Born in Warwickshire 63 years ago, and working first on a farm and then as a pit lad at the age of 11, Tom Mann was apprenticed to engineering at 13, and became first organising secretary of the National Democratic League. With John Burns and Ben Tillett he came into pro- minence in 1888, during the great dock strike, as organiser and speaker, and later as president of the Dockers' Union. He was a leading orator at Labour meetings for many years, also secretary of the I.L.P., and at various times has helped to organise not only dockers and engineers, but railway- men, warehousemen, and unskilled workers. For several years he lived and worked in Australia; for a period just pre- ceding this he kept a public-house—the En- terprise, in Long-acre-tand once he con- templated entering the Church. He has contested Parliamentary seats on four occa- sions; been arrested in Hamburg and Mel- bourne, and expelled from France, and has made many lasting friends in all parts of the world. When lie retired in December last year, to start poultry farming, the Sailors' and Firemen's Union subscribed ^250 and the Transport Workers' Federa- tion ,£100.

The 'New World' Speaks -Out.

Unwary Shopkeepers.I

Not Going.

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Labour Abroad.

Labour Abroad.