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The Ex-Service Man and His…

The 'Rusholme Result.

I Building Trade Demands.…


Building Trade Demands. I STRIKE OF 250,000 OPERATIVES I THREATENED. Trouble has arisen in the building trade over a demand of the workers for an ad- vance of 4d. per hour, making a total of 2S. an hour in the best remunerated areas, which on a full 48 hours week would only give a maximum wage of (4 16s. in these days. But that figure is misleading unless consideration is given to the seasonal value of the ork1 which means a very consider- able number of lost days during a fair por- tion of the year, and frequent holds-up by bad days during the major part of the re- maining time. More than 250,000 men are affected all over the country, and a general strike in the industry is threatened unless an early set- tlement is reached. The question was considered by rhe Na- tional Conciliation Board for the Building Trades in London on Tuesday.


I John Williams' Opponent.…

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Doctors at Variance.