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Our City Fathers To Be.

Except The Bolsheviks!


Except The Bolsheviks! MR. H. S. BERRY'S GIFT TO EX-SERVICEMEN. CARLTON HOTEL AS CLUB-HOUSE. Mr. Seymour Berry, Merthyr, has pre- sented the ex-Service men of Merthyr with the Carlton Workmen's Hotel as a club. The premises are to be handed over to out- side trustees, who will let it for five years at a nominal rent of i a year to the Mer- thyr branches of the Welsh National Dis- charged Soldiers' and Sailors' Federation. The Federation, however, will only possess half control with the Discharged Soldiers' and Sailors' Association, who will further have equal right of membership. The club, said Mr. Berry, would be open to all ex-Service men except those with Bolshevik views. An interesting point is that the Comrades of the Great War, stated by some of the deputation meeting the donor at the Hotel to be politically inclined toward the Autocratic Party ".as an or- ganisation, are to be admitted, on the other hand, as ex-Service men. Considerable friction was evidenced be- tween the federation and the association as to the power of management of the club, and though an apparent conciliation of the condition outlined above was arrived at there is likely to be further trouble from the Federation, who already have in existence a club of their own. It was following an appeal for subscriptions towards the Federa- tion club that Mr. Berry conceived the idea of an ex-Service men's club. Hence, the Federation ask for full control of the proposed new club if they are to participate in it. The Carlton Hotel, the present purchase price of which is not stated, was with- drawn from public auction recently at £ 1,125.. It will require £2.000 to furnish as a club. The public are to subscribe this.



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