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I Electric Theatre. From Monday to Wednesday of next w eek the scree,n at the Merthyr Electric Theatre will feature Sessue Hayakawa, the famous Japanese actor, in the Haworth Pictures Corporations production, His Birthright." Havakawa plays the part of a young man, born, of an Hastern mother and a Western father, determined to be avenged upon his father for the desertion of his mother. He traces the father, now an admiral of the fleet, to America. How yonng YukiQJw- eomes entangled with a gang of international spies and his plans for revenge are twarted with reconciliation to his father, who proves himself blameless, makes a thrilling story that loses nothing in comparison with Havakawa's recent success. •• The Temple of Dusk." With the cut:- rent instalment that fine serial. "Thf Brass Bullet, concludes. The iattc>- end of tlio week wil'l see Mtoffceted as the star feature one of the Fox ProaueYfbn £ "Caught in the Act," featuring a talented trio — IVo-o;v Hyla ml, Leslie Austen and Wally McKeown. It is an every-day drama with de- lightfully light touch in treatment. Both programmes are representative of Mack Sennet's studios. The first is The Pullman. Bride and the Thursday onwards farce is "She Loved Him Plenty." The titles are promising. Coming shortly is The Blindness of Divorce."

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