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Uantrisant and District Notes, I I Rhiwfelan Hospital. I I i The District Council has decided upon an ex- tension of Rhiwfelan Hospital so as to provide accommodation for cases of scarlet fever a.nd measles and also serious cases of epidemic diarrhoea. The Council is also trying to obtain the use of a room at the Bible Christian Chapel for a clinic. Ystradbarwig-Tynant Road. I The Council has received sanction to raise a loan of -t-t,noo for the construction of a road at Tvnant upon condition that the land in the neighbourhood is included in a Town Planning Scheme; that in providing such a scheme the Council should consider the desirability of an alternative road; that building lines along stich road shall be at least 70 ft. apart, and that the construction of the road be put in hand without delay. District Council Employees. I Although the District Council has joined the South Wales and Monmouthshire Joint Wages Board of Local Authorities, an application by the District Council's employees for an increase of wages due to them under an award of the Joint Board on the basis of what is known as the Stoker Award and whir;h should be retro- spective to June 1st, 1919, has beer, granted re- trospective to July 22nd only. Tlie men are consequently discontented ami are demanding that the Council should honourably abide by the award. Houses and Rent. I The following quotation fi-ol.11 a booklet issued by the Ministry of Health entitled "Housing: Powers and Duties of Local Authorities, might be of interest to all those who are considering what the rents of the new council houses will he when they are built—when! "The local authority in fixing the rents of houses provided by them should aim at securing a rent which will be an economic rent on the probable cost of building in 1927, and as a working rule it is suggested that this should be reckoned at two thirds of the present cost." Some Doubts. I The rents determined by the above principle would, of course, depend upon the cost of build- ing, and would he very high rents—anything from a week upwards, so the writer had some doubts about getting it, and in the follow- ing paragraph he wrote: "It may not always he possible at once to secure a rent in accordance with these principles. The initial rent should, so far as is reasonable, approach the standard stated, and where necessary a progressive in- crease in rent should he effected during the transitional period. In such e?ees it ?-iU be de- ?irahie to ma?e the portion c?r to the tenant at the outset." More Doubts. After writing the second paragraph quoted, the writer appears to be still unsettled in his mind about the rents question, so to fase his mind he wrote a third paragraph, that runs thus: "The local authority should bear in mind what is being paid in the locality for somewhat similar houses which are privately owned and that existing houses are subject, for the time being, to the operation of the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (War Restriction) Acts. If the houses provided by the local authority have superior accommodation or amenity this should justify a higher rental." Now, after all that, can anyone tell us what the rents will be? Ask Your Councillor. The final paragraph on rents runs as follows Before the Ministry of Health finally sanctions :t scheme they require to be informed of the rents which the local auttx-rity propose to charge. The Ministry reserve the right to re- duce the financial assistance given in any case in which they are satisfied that the local author- ity do not charge the full rent which it would be reasonable to obtain." Take The Tip. The rents, jihieh these paragraphs s how it would be reasonable to obtain from the working classes isns milch as every they—the authori- ties—can squeeze out of them. Tin* time to con- cern yourself about the rents of the new houses is NOW, before any housing scheme is finally sanctioned and the rents fixed. See that you're consulted about it.


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