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Briton Ferry NotesI

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I Steei Strike.



m  <3 ONCE 7 • OU NIGHTLY 'ijMMili I i JSmk* ■Hpl   M. klitt.gaaroe. Sd., IS., 2S., 2S.6d. Exclusive of Tax. Early Doors Extra. THEATRE ROYAL and EMPIRE, MERTHYR. GENERAL MANAGER — VAL STEVEN 3. æ-&"i:A! ■ i.Jlq;i 8¡:L 1111 ■ 1 n n MONDAY, OCTOBER 20th, for slx  NIGHTS vT. -•?,»^-•s^-asdc.sg i.fcg, yy«cwjyvr• aHBaMBBaaKaDB!aBBBSBraMBBBranHMaiBnBBIKnnBBH^^HBH^HHnianHBBa M. KLIT-GAARDE (of "Carminetta" Fame) presents, prior to its London Production, Gay Bohemia A Parisian Musical Farce in Three Acts. CASTE includes the following well-known Leading Artistes: M. Klit-Gaarde Maria Mlinetti Frank Burr Wilbert Gamble Full London Chorus & Augmented Orchestra. Don't Miss this Superb Show, Magnificent Spectacle & Riotous Fun Next Week: FIVE NIGHTS," by Victoria Cross. ONCE 7 ,30N I,G H I'[ Y I MARIA Ml'iETTI. B 5d., is., 2S., 2s.6d. § Exclusive of Tax. farty Doors Extra. j

IElectric Theatre.

Briton Ferry NotesI