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Labour Notes.

¡The Welsh Regiment Re-Union…

I An Awakening Nation.


ILabour's War Cabinet. I


Labour's War Cabinet. I Out-of the national rail way strike a perma- nent Council of Labour, with entirely new func- tions, is likely to emerge. The Conciliation Com- mittee appointed by the trade union conference to act as mediators in the railway dispute, de- cided at t-bek* last meeting after -the settlement was reached that steps should be taken to call a special trade union congress at an early date to discuss the whole wage question with special re- ference to the retention of war wages and their consolidation with pre-war basic rates. The Conciliation Committee met the Parliamentary Committee of the Trade Union Congress last week to discuss this proposal, and a further sug- gestion that a trade union council should be brought into being to regulate all wage applica- tions. In view of the interdependence of trades and the necessity of some common plan being formu- lated it is felt that such a council is needed. There is an impression in Labour circles that the railwaymen jeopardised their chances of success in declaring a strike before consulting other unions, especially (those which were likely to be immediately -involved in a railway stoppage, and it has been pointed out that the precipitancy of the strike made it very difficult for the other unions to get their executives together, scat- tered as most of their members were all over the country. What is propos.ed.we gather is the formation of a sort of Labour Cabinet which will be as fully representative as possible to co-ordinate wage policy and to decide what steps the unions can take together in carrying it out. One suggestion is that such a council might be formed by bringing together the trade umon representatives of tihe Joint Industrial Council, with/representatives of the Triple Alliance, the Parliamentary Committee of the Trade Union Congress, and the Labour Party Executive. The Parliamentary Committee of the Trnèe Union Congress is understood to have accepted the proposal to summon a. special trade union oongress and appointed a small Bub-eonimittee to assist in formulating proposals for disoussion and to gather all available informe-Lion from the unions regarding -wages, war bonuses, etc.

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