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Labour Notes.

¡The Welsh Regiment Re-Union…

I An Awakening Nation.



N.L.P. — N. L. P. Our Books & Pamphlets A SELECTION ONLY. M A" r 1 Across the Blocade By H. N. BRAILSFORD. A most- fascinating and moving story of a recent tfiree months' tour through the famine-stricken countries of Central Europe. A A New School in Belgium 2/6 (Post Free 2/9) By A. FARIA DE VASCONCELLOS. Translated by Eden and Cedar Pa.ul. In 1912 the author founded at Bierges-a. School on new and revolutionary but. carefully xhoughtwjut lines of 'self-government and self-support, and this account of its first two years of most successful working forms a stor* v of absorbing inter- est to all educationalists. 5/- (Post Free 5/6) Six Weeks in Russia in 1919 By ARTHUR RANSOME. 2/6 (Post Free 2/g) READY. ORDER IT. I THE SOCIALIST LIBRARY-XII. I PARLIAMENT AND 8 I REVOLUTION By J. RAMSAY MACDONALD. | CONTENTS: I III. The Russian Revolution.—IV. The Dictator- I ship of the Proleta:ri,a.t.-V. So,iet Franchise. yr.-Soviet Democracy.-YII, Territorial v. I Trade Constituencies.—VIII. Parliament. IX B Direct Action.X. Revolu-bion.-XI. The In- ■ dependent Labour Party.—Appendix House of II Commons Business. CLOTH 2/6 (Post Free 2/10). I PAPER 1/6 (Post FieL e0 e A Book to Buy—Read—And Ponder Over. The Recruit By A. FENNER BROCKWAY. A play in one act which portrays life in a military guardroom, during the war, in a most realistic fashion. Cloth 2/- (Post Free »/2) Life of Karl Marx Paper I (Post Free 1/1) By JOHN 8PARCO. Written in the hope tlmt it will make Marx more real to Socialist Comrades and, to students of Socialism generally." STOCK LIMITED. 8/6 (Post Free 9/-) Peterloo (A History of the Massacre and the conditions which preceded it) By J. H. HUDSON. A sjjory- for Working People to teach their Children. Preface by J. Jiftioe Ulasier and picture of Peterloo Charge. 6d. (Post Free 7d.) v LATEST I.L.P. PAMPHLETS. Borough Councils By the I.L.P. INFORMATION COMMITTEE. Deals with their Constitution and Election Procedure; shows how they Work; and explains their Powers in Sanitation, Food, Housing, Educa- ó- tion, Municipal Enterprise and Finance. Should be in the hands of every Labour and Socialist supporter. 2d. (Post Free 2 £ d.) The Profiteering Act Explained By W. H. THOMPSON. An explanation of the terms of th eAct and' of the Tribunals set up limlor it. id. (Post Free 1id.) The Menace of the Trusts and how to deal with it By PHILIP SNOWDEN. Shows how the Trusts iiave the communitv in their mrip how thev raise prices and reduce employment, and how they corrupt national politics. 2d. (Post Free 2id.) SEND FOR OUR CATALOGUE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR BRANCHES. The National Labour Press, Ltd. ——— 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester, and 8-9 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.

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