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IPontypridd Notes.


I Pontypridd Notes. I Trades Council and the Strike. The sympathies of Labour here were entirely with the railway men in their demand for a higher standard of life. Everyone admits, even railway managers and directors themselves, that t'he pre-w ar scale of pay for all grades of rail- way servants was entirely inadequate, but La- bour says further that it was a grave scandal. During the strike the officials of the Pontypridd Trades and Labour Council were conspicuous as either chairmen or speakers at every meeting held in support of the railwaymen's claims. We are sincerely pleased that matters haTe been I satisfactorily settled. I J I Labour's Voice Raised for Ireland. j A crowded 'meeting, under the auspices of the Pontypridd Trades and Labour Council was held in the Park Cinema on Sunday night. Its pur- pose was to consider the present condition of Ireland. Mr. Griff. Maddocks (president of the Trades Council) was in the chair. Mr. Dan Dris- col', of Mrthyr, had been advertised to speak, but owing to the strike was unable to get here. His place was admirably filled by County Coun- cillor W. H. May. Needless to say, his speech was a success. He proved to the audience that not only did he understand the Irisih question. but that Labour has a special interest in Ire- land, for the methods of the capitalists, whether in politics or economics, were peculiarly alike. He. carried his au-cliertee with him all the way and 'had a. tremendous ovation at the end. Just as he finished, news reached the audience that the railway strike had concluded. Many Irish- men present took this as a happy omen for their beloved country. On Thursday, October 9th. another great Labour meeting will be held in the Lesser Town Hall^ when Jack Jones, M.P., is expected to speak. Griff. Maddocks will preside at this meeting also. Ait the last meeting of the Pontypridd Trades and Labour CoyncH the pro- ceed s of the social held some short time ago were handed in. They amount to nearly t33. Great praise is due to the organiser. Mr. Pear- son, and we must associate Treforest and the band of Lady helpers from the Co-operative Women's Guild.

Merthyr and The Strike.


The Levy On Capital. 1

ILlantrisant and District…