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Merthyr -NotesI

ILlantrisant and District…


housing question. It will 0.. interesting to watch the course of events in respect of dIe above houses. Of one thing the Dial-jot Council ought to be. assured, the -working el|,s.sos of ithis dis- trict are in no mood to be hwribu^cged on the Housing Question. The Railway Strike. The Railway Strike went quite well here. The •ike Committee held a few" public meetings to lain the railwaymen's position. Opinion at e meetings was entirely in favour of the 1. ihead's Meeting. allhead having gone to Manchester to help Dunstan at the bye-election, his engagement Llamrisant was cancelled, Wmrvs Hughes .me to the rescue and filled the bill splendidly.

IPontypridd Notes.

Merthyr and The Strike.


The Levy On Capital. 1

ILlantrisant and District…