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I Public Opinion -and Strikes

I The Strike Settlement. !

Our City Fathers To Be.-I

A Socialist Dolly's Dialogues

Electric Theatre.


Electric Theatre. The irrepressible Douglas Jftf.irbanks will fill the screen at the Merthyr Electric Theatre for each of the first three days of next week in five joyous reels of vigorous entertainment. He will figure in his most recent production, "A Modern Musknteer," a play that give- him unlimited scope for his athletic accomplishments. The "Brass Bullet serial now rapidly reaching a close, brings, in the current episode, a. partial clearing of the mystery around which it has been so cunningly woven and of no less gripping in- terest is a Mutual .drama, "The Heart of a Flirt," if less thrilling, in which June Elvidge and Beverley Bayne, accomplished actresses both, portray the opposite types of feminity that point the moral of the story. Money Mad," which tops the bill from Thursday on- wards, comes from the Goldwyn studios, and is a sumptuous production, as are all the big- reelers that emanate from this source, and in it is featured Mae Marsh in the lead. Eddie Polo will be found in more hair-raising stunts in a thrilling episode of his breakneck serial, A Circus King," and, like the earlier programme, the bill is completed with a splendid string ot comedies and the usual news and travel pic- tures. For many a day no greater attraction has been seen in the town than the Sessue Hayakawa. mystery film A Temple of Dusk." The long and patient queues that hovered at all times out- side the Electric Theatre. tTie three days of its showing were irrefutable testimony to its splen- dour and greatness. And so the announcement of the management that Hayakawa will shortly again be presentooart their picture-house in another of his great Eastern productions wil! bring a joy of iaiiticipation to Merthyr's big public of film-goers. "His Birthright," the coming production, loses nothing in comparison eyen with The Temple of Dusk."