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I 7 30 ONCE 17.30NIGHTLV I   ? ? ?? IU r? ?  I | ^Pl^jP ^rattxr. 1 have com? b*ek J 1 I r ? ? rB? I NOTE THE PRICES: NOTE THE PRICES: 1- 5d., Is., 25. ?s.6d. ? Without Tax. Early Doors Extra. II -oeo. THEATRE ROYAL and EMPIRE, MERTHYR. GENERAL MANAGER — — — VAL STEVENS. r 1tIII MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th, for SIX NIGHTS RETURN VISIT AFTER MANY YEARS OF THE MERTHYR FAVOURITE LOUIS CALVERT IN THIE GREAT DOMESTIQ PLAY, Daddalums" PRIOR TO ITS PRODUCTION IN LONDON. I Entire Production & Company transferred direct from the NEW THEATRE, CARDIFF I Cardiff people are good judges, and they have set their seal of approval on Daddalums." Western Mail. j _1' "1  7T30 :L | < j i  a Poor OfNe", •  J | m < NOTE THE PR.ICES:. I 5d., IS., 2s. 2s.6d. j Without Tax. Early Doors Extra. | ■ntiancaBMtiBHiiHiiaHMBri

I Clynes on the Government.

[Neutrals Save Starving Children.…

Steve Walsh and Nationalisation1

Football at Merthyr. i

Merthyr NotesI

| " Hear Them Howl." j

Our City Fathers To Be I

Merthyr NotesI