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A Policeman's Mind.


A Policeman's Mind. COUNSEL AND PENTREBACH PUBLIC HOUSE PROBLEM. « Was it a'glass of liquor or an electric bulbr This was the problem presented to the Merthyr magistrates on Tuesday when Arthur Tal-iosio Da.vies, landlord of the Plymouth Hotel, Pentre- bach, was summoned for supplying spirits for consumption during prohibited hours, and his wife, Jessie Davies, as his aider and abettor. Police-Constable Martin gave evidence that at 9.0 a.m. on Sunday, September 7th, whilst in hiding behind a hedge on the opposite side of the road he saw Mrs. Davies come out of the public-house and ask of the day-girl, Maggie Williams, "Where is he? Then a man, Al- Then a. nian, Al- fred Williams, walked up) and Mrs. Davies after going into the premises handed to the man Wil- liams a glass of what appeared to be spirits which she had kept covered by her i-éd shawl. The glass was three- parts full. Williams put it to his lips and passing it back he offered a coin in payment, but it w as declined. Cross-examined by Mr. A. T. James (in- structed by Mr. Griffith Llewellyn, Merthyr) witness remarked that Davies was an ex-ser- geAnt of police with 19 years service. Witness added that lie was posted in his hiding place on his knees and being only fifteen yards away he could not have made a mistake about the glass. Certainly it was not an electric bulb. He-did not cross the road to examine the contents of the glass as he wished to continue his vigil for a further event." Mr. James, addressing the court, stated that on the Saturday evening previous some of the electric light bulbs went out of order. On the Sunday the son-ant girl had gone to the man who was to see to the defective globe and she had come back when Mrs. Davies spoke to Wil- liams. To him she mentioned the bulbs, and he held one up to the light to see if the wires were broken. Such an incident could have been easily misconstrued in the suspicious mind of a police officer out for a. catch, added Mr. James. Davies, in evidence, said that the bar was locked until 10 o'clock, the key being under his pillow. No-one oould liave accogf, to any intoxi- cants. His wife also bore out the statement that no liquor was given Williams. She denied the police interpretation of the incidents After a five minutes' adjournment, the magis- trates dismissed the case. A summons against Williams for aiding and abetting was w ithdrawn.


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