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The Pope's Blessing. <


The Pope's Blessing. < His Holiness the Pope has addressed a letter to Miss Eglantyne J ebb, hon. secretary of the Save the Children Fund (7, St. James' Terrace, t Regent'?. Park,. N.W.8), in which he recalls that this Society was founded by the Fight the Fa- mine Council, and the unselfish efforts of Lord Ij Parmoor, and points out that of all the sufferers of the war the chiJdren have suffered the most- After referring to the fact that an institution fo" 1 children suffering from tuberculosis and rachitis is to be opened at Rome, the letter pi-ooeetls:- His Holiness accords wholehearted approval to the generous and timely undertaking of I which he has been informed, and expresses the j most urgent hope that it will meet with universal support. With deep tenderness lie would recall [ for this occasion the sublime words of the Saviour, whose love for little children was >0 i great: Whoso shall receive one such little child in My Xame receiveth Me. (Matt. 28, o)- The Holy Father expects the most. iii outcome from the activities which are thus di- rected, especially if all the Societies which have in view the same generous object unite in c<v ordinating their efforts in older to obtain the most effective results, and this not merely for the advantage, of the unfortunate children but for the welfare of all those who have been in- volved in the terrible struggle. Indeed it has given great satisfaction to the Holy Father to observe in this undertaking indications of far- reaching significance, especially in the substi- tution of Christian Charity for that unhappy hatred which constitutes one of the most danger- ous results of the appalling conflict. As regards the realisation of the project, the Holy Father consider); that in order from the outset to impress a movement which is clearly 11 of so urgent a nature with more practical char- acter, the existing administrative organisation of the Church could be .successfully utilised for the desired end, especially as for this purpose a full knowledge of local conditions is naturally requisite. 1 The August Pontiff offers up the most fervent prayers to Our Lord, that by His Almighty help these generous efforts may yield abundant fruit, and, that all those who co-operate in such a noble cause may be richly blessed by His Heaven- ly Grace. Accept, Madam, the expression of devoted sentiments in our Lord." f (Signed), f CARDINAL-SECRETARY GASPARRI. I


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