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Minnie Missionising. I THE GOSPEL TO EAST DENBICHSHIREF A NORTH WALIAN'S IMPRESSIONS OF I PROPAGANDA WEEK. Miss Pallister is coming up here, old chap, what do you think of it? This was the way in which 1 was greeted by an I.L.P. veteran a few weeks ago. "Are you quite certain that it is true," I enquired. If so, it will be absolutely great, but we might as well be sure about it we'll go as far ts the secretary's house and enquire." The secretary at once informed us that it was so, and that Miss Pallister would open her campaign at Rhos 011 September loth. Naturally we were quite elated, and impatiently awaited the evening when she would open her attack upon our reactionary neighbourhood. Monday evening came, and it was obvious as soon as Miss Pallister commenced, speaking, that she meant business. In a few minutes, through her unique command of wit, humour and pathos, she had completely captivated the audience. She unhesitatingly denounced the profiteer and his ill-gotten lucre; she ruthlessly exposed the notorious activities of Churchill and his gang; she vigorously attacked the capitalist- system under Avliich we live, and graphically described to us how these sinister forces had reduced our work! to a veritable hell. She told us that our puerile statesmen talked about a new worJd- what vapid nonsense, from where would it come? It would only come," sh-e explained, when the working classes determined to build up a new world of their own." Nationalism, Imperial- ism, and Capitalism have conelusiATely failed to ameliorate the lot of the working classes, and the sole hope of the salvation of the world lay— not in militarism, but in the great ideals of Keir Hardie. Her features glowed up when she spoke of the sacred ideals of her hero and the electri- fied she audience when she urged them to sliat- j ter the narrow bands of nationalism, and step forward courageously into the insuperably greater world of Internationalism. She (reminded them, that, as workers, their interests. were identical the whole world over. After the close of this meeting' Ave proceeded to the I.L.P. Rooms, where refreshments were served, after which Miss Pallister delivered a lecture upon The lipst Way of Organising the I.L.P., and the most efficient way of conducting propaganda work." Tuesday evening she assailed the stronghold of Toryism, Ruabon. Here again she preached the gospel which will render wars futile. It was very amusing here to watch the old Tories screw about uncomfortably in their seats when Miss Pallister administered an extra dose of Social- ism. THE CITADEL OF REACTION. With regard to Wednesday Ni-c- were very ner- vous. It had been arranged that Miss PaUister should speak at Wrexham—the strongest citadel of reaction in East Denbighshire. Some of the I.L.P.ers were quite gloomy at the prospect of it, but Miss Pallister, with her characteristic optimism, soon dispelled it. The chairman at this meeting was an old I.L.P. stalwart, who had expounded his views timeaftr time at street corners on the customary orange box. Miss Pal- lister opened her address with a striking- vindi- cation of Macdonald and Snowden. A slight wave of resentment was felt at the mention of these names, but it was soon allayed by the con- vincing facts which were put before us. The meeting was held under the shadow of the Parish Church, and just as the bells were tolling for the evening service. Miss Pallister Avarned her audience to Beware of the priest who preaches the gospel of John Bull' and the Dailv Mail. She said that the only true religion was the one which treated Mankind as one huge family, which treated life as sacred, and which uplifted the whole human race to a higher level. She unveiled the ramifi- cations of Capitalism and showed how they bore the seeds of future wars. As I turned round I saw a number of soldiers who were listening at- tentively, and one muttered to another, She's right, its them big 'uns who sends the likes of us to fight." She closed the mfeting with a beautiful appeal to the mother instinct. She told us that the mother's love for the little one which nestled on her breast was the same immu- table love as that of the mother on the Rhine and the mothers of Austria and Poland. The success of this meeting exceeded the most sanguine expectations of the most optimistic of us, and it was there and then arranged that another meeting should be held here on Satur- day. On Thursday, the organiser of the Labour Party. J. T. Edwards, who IS also a staunch l.L.P.cr, arranged a meeting at Tanyfron. Here again we had a very successful meetin- On Friday a iiiet?iiiio, was addressed at Cefn, and on Saturday we had our final I.L.P raHy at .inci oil S?i;tiircl ay we lia At 8.30 p.m. 011 Saturday the I.L.P.ers of Rhos and Wrexham came together to the Trades and Labour Hall to bid good-bye to Miss Pallister. She again impressed on us the import- ance of the message of Socialism to the down- trodden masses. She urged us to devote our w hole energies to the movement, the principles of which were too great to be carried out half- heartedly they were worth dying for, and more important still, worth living for After all the A-iccisitudes through which the] .L..p. had been through it had emerged triumphant to pursue its path until it has realised the Utopia of Keir Hardie. The Aveck's campaign has been a great success, it has rejuvinated the branches, and Ave earnest- ly hope that South Wales will do its utmost to Assist us to win North Wales for. the cause which so many of us cherish. ROGERS.

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