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Merthyr Notes

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I Gorseinon Notes. I I Economics Class. I An enthusiastic meeting was held in connec- tion with the atxtve on Wednesday evening last, Comrade Tom Jones, of Gravesend presiding. After some discussion on ways and means it was decided to proceed with the work forthwith. The class is to he held every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. and everything augurs well for a good session. Last Sunday. I The last meeting of our open-air campaign was held last Sunday evening, when Dan Harry spoke, with Jliss Yaughan in the chair. At such aii of the year it was not to be expected that a huge crowd would turn up, but the opportunity was taken to make an appeal to all who ■were interested to join the I.L.P. and help us in the fight for freedom and life. Wo are expecting a substantial increase in member- ship this winter, and as an earnest of greater things wo made seven new members at our last meeting. Branch Meeting. -1 Our indoor work for the winter commenced last Tuesday, when we had the first item on the syllabus for the season. Comrade Gwilym John read a very interesting paper on Nationalisa- tion of Mines" and dealt with the subject from the point of view of a practical miner. The various points raised were illustrated by illumin- ating references to local conditions and a most interesting meeting was brought to a close after a discussion bearing on every phase of the ques- fion. r I A Challenge. I It appears that for some time past the fate of the I.L. P. has been trembling in the balance, and all the while we LL.P.'ers have been bliss- fully ignorant of the fact. The cause of all the trouble is Mr. Norman, of the Reconstruction Leajzue, which, to judge of from the speaker's reniartys, is a camouflaged edition of the Anti- Socialist League. Last Tuesday the speaker, ac- cording to the chairman, dealt with Karl- Markism and a valiant attempt was made to demolish the Theory of Value. The orator stood on a box bearing the legend Brewery, Ltd. but this fact did not lessen the apprecia- tion with which his remarks, profusely inter- spersed with reminiscences of his visit to pubs," were received by that section of the crowd representing the local middle class and the religious people, who are so very reli- gious that they cannot afford to have any regard to the first principles of spiritual and moral growth. During question-time, when Mr. Nor- man was engaged in combat by Comrade Stan Rees, the aforementioned section of the audi- ence, who would not have known the Theory of Value" from the Nebular Hypothesis, were highly delighted with the speaker's evasions. In answering, lie had occasion to remark that he had challenged the Swansea I.L.P. to a public debate, but that the challenge had not been ac- cepted, whereupon Stan Rees immediately chal- lenged him to a public debate, and was told to write up to London! We are awaiting develop- ments.

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ISwansea Valley Notes.I