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On Tour. With a fortnight gap in the first team fixtures at Penydarren Park I have been compelled to satisfy my interest in the game, like the major- ity of the townspeople, through the written ki-ord of other writers. Both at Luton last Wed- nesday week and at Portsmouth on Saturday the games have been marked by heavy scoring, and according to the critics, both games have re- flected well upon Merthvr's eleven. At Ports- mouth I was glad to see that Gibbon had give!) one of his best displays, and although four goals passed him, not one of the writers whose de- scriptions I have scanned suggest that any blame rests upon Gibbon as custodian. I am particu- larly pleased with this because Gibbon on his last appearance in Merthyr, against Newport, lell a long way below his form, and committed errors that were amateurish errors that I felt constrained to express myself strongly upon. Rid of his weakness for running out too far Gibbon has a real mastery over his position. Turner, too, appears to have shaken off the weakness that was his during the Newport match, and his share of the four goals at Luton was two, and he claimed one of the two that were scored by the Merthyr vanguard on Frat- ton Park on Saturday. The other goal-getters in the two matches were Brown one at Luton and one at Portsmouth, and Nicholas gained the remaining one ax juuioii. A.P.Y.