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The Teachers' Executive. The ordinary general meeting of the Merthyr Tydfil N. U.T. Association was held on Friday night at Abermorlais Boys' School, when there was a splendid attendance of members. In the absence of the President (Mr. Hugh Jones) who forwarded an apology for his absence the Vice- President (Mr. J. S. Stephens) was the chair- man. A TRIBUTE. I At the outset of the proceedings, which was marked by sadness, the chairman paid a glowing tribute to the sterling worth of the late Mr. W. Harris to the National Union of Teachers in general, and to the local association ni particu- lar. Mr. Harris was a born fighter, and a splen- did advocate of the teachers' cause. The chair- man moved a deep vote of sympathy with Mrs. Harris, the widow, and her children, and Mrs. Harris, the mother, and 'his brother. The vote was carried in deep silence. Votes of sympathy were also carried in silence with the family of the late Mr. Trevor Hopkins and with Mr. L. J. Roberts, M.A., H.M.I.S., on the death of his son whilst on active service in Russia. A hearty welcome was accorded the new mem- bers present. The minutes of the last meeting and committees were read and adopted. Corre- spondence of interest to members were read ami action was taken upon several matters. The next and most important matter on tho agenda was the nomination of a candidate for the National Executive, caused bythe resigna- tion of the late Mr. W. Harris. IP ffe was only elected last Easter to ':1 seat on the Executive, but was only able to attend two meetings of that body before his illness got a hold on him, which terminated in his death. The meeting unani- mously decided ultimately to nominate Mr. W. G. Cove, Rhondda. who had played such a con- spicuous part in the Rhondda salary campaign, and who is of a progressive turn of iiiind, aiad would be a worthy successor to the late W. Harris. Mr. Dan George (chairman of the local agency of the Teachers' Provident Society) pre- sented Mr. E. R. Da vies, acting on behalf of Mr. Dan James, the recipient, who through some reason was not present, with an illuminated ad- dress in recognition of his twenty-one years' secretaryship of the local T.P.S. Mr. E. R. "1,1 ""h"loÇ ,,¡: A*- n

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