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Labour Notes. I

. -Electric Theatre.

A Virile Council.I



———————— N.L.P. ———————— Our Books & Pamphlets A SELECTION ONLY. Six Weeks in Russia in 1919 By ARTHUR RANSOME. 2/6 (Post Free 2/8) The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest- Litovsk By L. TROTSKY. 2/6 (Post Free 2/8) Militarism in Education. By JOHN LANCDON-DAVIES. Cloth 3/6 (Post Free 3/9) Paper 2/6 (Post Free 2/9) READY. ORDER AT ONCE. ACROSS THE BLOCKADE SPECIAL I.L.P. EDITION. 2/6 (Post Free 2/8). In this volume this distinguished writer gives a most fascinating story of a recent three months' tour through the revolutionary and famine-stricken countries of Central Europe Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Germany. To understand the state of Europe to-day this book must be read. As the Edition is limited you are advised to place an immediate order, either with your Branch Literature Secretary, or with the National Labour Press, Ltd. Keir Hardie: The Man and His Message By J. BRUCE CLASIER. An abridged edition of Glasier's inspiring Memorial to Kier Hardie- specially issued for sale at the forthcoming Hardie Memorial Demon- strations It is sure to meet with a great demand and should be stocked by every I.L.P. branch. 2d. (Post Free 3d.) The Origin and Growth of the Russian Soviets By M. PHILIPS PR,ICE. 3d. (Post Free 4d.) The Political Gambler By JOSEPH KINC. The record of the Right Hon. Winston Churchill. M.P., Secretary of State for War. 1d. (Post Free lid.) NEW I.L.P. BOOKLETS. The New Russia By PAUL BIRUKOFF. Shows the real Russia; what it is and what it will be when the Allies have cleared out. 6d. (Post Free 7d.) The Wages Problem and the Money Power By JOHN STAFFORD. A Treatise on Wages, Taxation and the Economic Problem. 6d. (Post Free 7d.) The Rise of a New Russian Autocracy 6d. (Post Free 7d.) By JOSHUA ROSETT. Reprinted from The New Republic." The actual storv of Koltchak and his methods, told by an American official recently returned from Slheria- 6d. (Pest Free 7d.) The Land Revolution in Russia By LENIN. With Foreword by Philip Snowden. A Speech on the Land Question, together with the Two Fundamental Land Decrees of the Russian Soviet Republic. 6d. (Post Free 7d.) SEND FOR OUR CATALOGUE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR OUR BRANCHES. The National Labour Press, Ltd. ———— 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester, and 8-9 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.

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