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. -Electric Theatre.


Electric Theatre. Gladys Brockwell, the greatest of the emo- tional actress in screen playing, will attract big houses for the first three days of next week to the Electric Theatre in the latest of the Fox super-dramas, The Call of the Soul." It is a wonderful story, tense and thrilling in situations, a production that will hold even the most in- different in an andiellce fronP the first to the last flicker. Each of the characters is cast with the meticulous care observed by the Fox Com- pany's producers, each portrayal a living thing, and the play is sumptuously mounted. The Brass Bullet" serial, which is now drawing to a close, reaches a sensational climax in the current instalment, and the unravelling of the mystery comes in the following week's episode, which will put finis to this grip- ping drama. Again the Electric Theatre patrons will be entertained with one of Mack Sennetx's screamingly funny farces, and Her Flighty Life is one of the most daring productions that have emanated from his studios. Thursday onwards will see projected the niucli-awaited sensational production, The Temple of Dusk," with Sessue Hayakawa, the Eastern player, in the leading role. This is a film that lias created something of a furore up and down the country, and some of the most beautiful of the mystic productions yet con- ceived. In the comedy ,section of the programme will be found one of the merriest of the Sun- shine extravaganza's, A Musical Sneeze," and the show will be completed as usual with a hur- mcane instalment of the Circus King" con- = J. l i- 1. l" 11 "•

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