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Eleven Deputies Censored.__I


- The Dowlais Distress. !

German Independents and Bolsheviks

A Socialist Dolly's Dialogues…

Irishmen in Cardifj.I

A War Office Lie ?


A War Office Lie ? With reference to the communique recently issued by the War Office in which it was stated that, after the sanguinary conflict in Kiev be- tween the Armies of Generals Petloura and Denikin, a satisfactory arrangement was come to for the avoidance of mutual hostilities and the continued prosecution of operations against the Bolsheviks, it is understood that no confirma- tion of any such arrangement has been received in Ukrainian official quarters in London, and, further, that opinion dn these quarters, based on previous information, is that no such arrange- ment is possible unless the independence of the Ukrainian Republic is acknowledged by General Den,ikin. [From the Ukraine," the organ of the

Evading The Rents Acts. I

1 ■Film. I The "Bolshevik"…