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Eleven Deputies Censored.__I


- The Dowlais Distress. !

German Independents and Bolsheviks

A Socialist Dolly's Dialogues…

Irishmen in Cardifj.I


Irishmen in Cardifj. The United Irish Leaguers of South Wales at their meeting in Cardiff on Sunday will be asked to resolve "That this great demonstration as- sembled in the Capital of the Prime Minister's own country demands from him and the British Parliament the immediate fulfilment of their pledges to establish an Irish Parliament with the principles of political liberty for which the war was fought and thousands of Irishmen sacri- ficed. That we protest against the brutal methods adopted in Ireland apparently with the object of goading the Irish people into rebellion, so that the party of reaction and Carsonism may triumph." The motion will be moved by Mr. John Valen- tine (Executive Council of the U.I.L.), seconded by Mr. A. Marsh (Cardiff) and supported by Mr. Develin.

A War Office Lie ?

Evading The Rents Acts. I

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