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Eleven Deputies Censored.__I


- The Dowlais Distress. !

German Independents and Bolsheviks

A Socialist Dolly's Dialogues…


A Socialist Dolly's Dialogues (WITH APOLOGIES TO ANTHONY HOPE.) By KATHARINE BRUCE CLASIER. "You will never stick it!" Dolly looked up from her favourite seat-,i cushion on the corner of a raised tile hearth. The tiles were full of soft green-blue lights* and made exactly the right back-ground for a fair, curly head. I don't want to stick, i hate sticky people. I mean to hold on hard for three months. Then I hope they will he holding hard on to ine." M inna was a real chum, true and wise enough to refrain from argument when she saw that Dolly had made up her mind. Is it a big house? she asked. It is an abominable house. It ought to be called Such-a-getting-up-stairs! There is a basement kitchen and a scullery and a wrong pantry all in the wrong places, and a stupid hideous off-set called a house-maid's parlour Iw- low the front-door steps. On the first lfoor there is a dining-room, a drawling-room, as Carpenter would call it and what the poor old be-starelied Professor calls his den. It is the only comfort- able room in the house. Two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor, two dingy attics and a box-room on the third, idiotic dnrk pas- sages and awkward corners everywhere, wasting space. The house has nothing to redeem it but the sky and the plane trees outside the window. And you are going to undertake the whole work of it r M inna's eyebrows were rising in spite of herself. "I am coaxing my dear old Xurse Jenkins to come down and char with me every Friday. She has helped me run this flat while I have been putting in three wretched years as a typist ac- countant, and getting paler and thinner and crankier every month of it. Now I tell her I am going to take a turn as a muscular Christian, put on flesh, and perhaps even a fresh com- plexion, and try every one of my pet theories in —well—in a kitchen! Mi una shrugged. I guess* you'll be trying your temper first. But what special theories do you mean ? That all really useful work can be done in a way that there Is no need for a servile class at all that the whole hideous business of dirty work can and ought to be banished, not only from the homes but from the whole life of the people," cried Dolly, her words coming in a spate. "Those just to begin with." But isn't your present work useful ? Not an hour of it' Every bit of it would disappear under a sanely organised system. Any- how, I am sure no guild of craftsmen would ever ask Messrs. Hallow and Hopkins to come within a mile of them. You should hoar their painter men talk of them—or, rather, you shouldn't. The reddest of my The Ragged Trousered Phil- anthropists was mild as mild compared with my Mr. Bilson." Why is he yours? asked Minna, whose dis- approval was getting the better of her usual good temper. Because I appreciate hiin," said Dolly, sweetly. But now do ask me to describe my new master and mistress." "1 thought you said they were your relations —Uncle and Aunt." So they are, in some dim and distant, se- cond marriage, twice removed kind of fashion. But I have made it quite clear that I prefer good- sound business relations any day to wpnk not to say unhealthy ones. No, I don't want to be nasty only honest. When I called, Uncle, who is as lean and limp as a taper in a. hot August, fit the best of times, was down in the coal cellar trying to fill a bucket, and there were actual tears in his poor old eyes. Aunt has neuritis as a permanent wall of defence against any pos- sible or impossible calls upon her frail refinement for physical exertion, and they have been sub- sisting for months on tea and toast and forlorn adventures among restaurants, none of which can be reached without a dreary half-hour's tram-ride. Uncle has solemnly assured me that he is a Liberal to whom even war-time collecti- visms are as grit between his teeth. Aunt warns me that she cannot possibly explain 'our blood relationship to any of her respectable friends, but that if 1 can really light ifres and cook an eatable dinner she won't even inquire what I do with my seven evenings out a week. They have given their only son to their king and country, and can't be held responsible for their lady help's deserving to be in prison as a Conscien- tious Objector. She nearly gasped with relief when T reminded her that at least I should be doing work of National Importance." -x- Are you going to give up your flat ? not at any rate for the three months during which I am doing the holding on. f have sublet part of it furnished quite profitably, and I shall stay till- Till you have hypnotised your master and mistress into being your devoted subjects, I sup- pose," said Minna. Till J have socialised them, I hope," laughed Dolly. Anyhow, till I have found out whether Socialist theories will work." (To be continued).

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