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German Independents and Bolsheviks


German Independents and Bolsheviks The Independent Socialists of Germany have taken an important step in an endeavour to pro- mote the unity of the International Socialist Movement. A communication from the central committee of the Party was read at the French Socialist Party Congress proposing that an at- tempt should be made to bring the revolutionary Socialist Parties of all countries together with a view to uniting them for effective joint action. This proposal was formulated by the executive of the Independents after discussion upon the decisions of the Lucerne Conference, and its manifesto appeals to the French Socialists to support them in the endeavour. The Indepen- dents expressed approval of the statement made by M. Longuet in an article published in the Independents' journal, "Freiheit": "If our friends in Italy, Switzerland, and especially in Russia, will renounce their unfruitful and un- healthy isolation and take their place once more before us that would suffice to reconstitute the International on a solid revolutionary basis." The Independents' manifesto points out that it is extremely necessary to make a further at- tempt to obtain full information regarding the situation in Russia, and the Third International of Moscow. Personal contact with Russian Socialists belonging to the Third International appears to be indispensable. If it is impossible to obtain passports for Russia, the Independents declare that an effort must be made to arrange for a meeting in a neutral country with in- fluential Russian comrades who count in the Government of the Soviets. It is proposed that France, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary, and Switzerland should each appoint one or two delegates to meet in some place to be decided upon later—Switzerland, Holland, or Sweden—with a, view to conversations: the rest depends, they say, upon the result of these con- versations. They ask the French Socialists to state whether they consent to this proposal and were disposed to co-operate in carrying it out, and also to make other proposals they may think advisable for bringing about a rapproche- ment of the revolutionary forces of all coun- tries. The manifesto is signed by Crespien, President of the Independents' Party. Longuet proposed tltat the proposal should be referred to the Party's Executive for examina- tion on execution, pointing out, amid cheers, that it was intended to realise the unity of the international working classes. Renaudel de- clared that he was not opposed to this method of procedure, but asked the Congress not to forget the resolution passed at Berne, and con- firmed at Egernej to send a commission of ig-

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