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Eleven Deputies Censored.__I


Eleven Deputies Censored. I The extent of the conversion of French Social- ism to a real conviction of its mission eand I methods may to some extent be gleaned from the decision that has come out of the long deli- berations of the committee elected by the Na- tional Congress of the Party to enquire into the conduct of the eleven deputies who voted for the war credits. The new majority and the Right minority agreed to a compromise vote of censure upon the eleven, and no further action against them, but at the same time it has been decided that any Socialist deputy voting for the credits in future, or voting for the ratification of the "Peace" Treaty shall by the act cease to be a member of the Party. The extreme Left wing refused to accept this decision and moved the expulsion of the eleven deputies, but Con- gress took the milder course recommended by the committee and instructed the Executive to enforce it by a vote of 1,427 against 490—the latter number cast, of course, for the extreme Left motion. There were also two abstentions. M. Albert Thomas, who had previously an- neunced his intention of voting for the ratifica- tion of the Peace Treaty, accepted the decision of the Party. That, of course, does not indicate whether M. Thomas will refrain from voting and continue membership of the Party, or will follow his previously expressed intention of voting for the ratification, and automatically expel himself from the Party.


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