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j I IHE?M ROYAL & EMPIRE PALACE, Smithson. 5 Merthyr j Managing Director—Mr. William Firth. Licensee—Mr. Will I 5 General Manager—Mr. Fred Dry. ? _?  16-45 TWICE NIGHTLY. -I t Week commencin?g MONDAY, MAY 26th. ?OiO I s I Enormous Attraction John Worth's Company j ? ? In a New Play on the Great Social Reform. I IGNORANCE 1 I The Story of a Submerged Family. For Adults only. I' I By Clifford Rean, I I s IGNORANCE may be a reason for wrong doing, jI t It is NEVER AN EXCUSE. I CIRCLE STALLS PIT GALLE.Y I 1 Prices of Admissice: Ordinary Doors— 1?5 1?- 7d 4d. 2 Tax, 4d. Tax, 3d.. Tax, 2d. Tax, Id. 2 I Booked and Early Doors- 1/8 1/2 9d. I I Tax, 4d. Tax, 4d. Tax, 3d. I I Next Week-Albert de Courville's London Hippodrome Success—ZIG-ZAG | '■■■■iliaaHMMaHMniMHai MHillMBBHMBHIMMHiMaHHBI r" II j Merthyr Electric Theatre I Mertl!comi!!aY !eatre I J CONTI NUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 P.M. DAILY. j I Monday Tuesday and Wednesday- I 1 The Stoll Film Co. present Mr. Lauri de Frece in the Super Production Masterpiece- | | | ONCE UPON A TIME | | II: I ecramairmPh of the Bhl :r: I I N A sympathetic story which appeals to all. I Count Bernstorff's Secrets (Episode 18)-The Menace of the I.W.W., or the Plot I ? against the Coal Industry. I • The Paramount Comedy-His Wedding Night-The Favourite Fatty in a Rollicking  Farce. Pathe's Gazette, showing the latest in Peace and Flying Events, B I Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- I ? The Stoll Film Company's Sensational Drama- I "THE DANC;ER CIAME! I When a nice girl becomes a burglar, there's a reason for it— good or bad. I The Sunshine Comedy — A TIGHT SQUEEZE — A Laugh from Start to Finsh. 2 ? Prices of Admission. 5d., 9d., 1/3 including Tax. I 1 Patrons please note evefully On Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Holidays, I 5 Children admitted at half-price until 4 o'clock, and after that time at full price. 2 Lit II It .i j. _|j — Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, etc., they —?- m.t??t_t ? speedily afford relief and never fail to alleviate — all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pill iDII I 55 mm—mm Cochia, Bitter, Apple, &c. Blanchard's are the 1 best ef all Pills for Women. Sold 10 boxes, 1/1, by BOOTS' Branches and all Chemists, or post free, same price, fromi LESLIE MARTIN, Ltd., Chemists, 34 Dalston Lane, London. Samples and valuable booklet sent free, Id. stamp. HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR. SUNDAY MAY, 25th, 1919. Preacher- Rev. Thomas Jones (Abertridwr). j gervioes to bogln at 11 ololook and 6 p.m. j DEAFNESS CATARRH, HEAD NOISES, easily cured I in a few days by the new i" FRENCH ORLENE." Scores of wonderful cures I reported. COMPLETELY CURED. Age 76. Mr. Thomas Winslade, of Borden, Hants, writes I am delighted I tried the new Orlene," for the head noises. I am pleased to tell you, ARE GONE, and I can hear as well as ever I couid in my life. I think it wonderful, as I am 76 years old, and the people here are surprised to think I can hear so well again at my age." Many other equally good reports. Try one box to-day, which can be forwarded to any address upon the receipt of money order for 2/9. THERE 18 NOTHING BETTER AT ANY PRICE. Address, ORLEN E 11 Co., Railway Crcsoont, West Croydon, Surrey, Eng NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN. Children's Sunday in Merthyr and District. will be held on SUNDAY NICHT, JUNE 1st, at 7.45 p.m. in the TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Chair to be taken at 7.45 p.m. by MR. H. S. BERRY. SPEAKERS: MR. ROBERT J. PARR, O.B.E. REV. ARTHUR JONES. REV. DANIEL LEWIS. COUNCILLOR W, T. C. MARSH. Items by the Penywern Male Voice Ohoir (Conductor, Mr. Evan Thomas). A Hearty Welcome is extended to All. Sermons or Statements willbe given in a large number of Churches on June ] st with reference to the work of the Society. OW HELP THOSE WHO HELP lw YOUR PAPERI. INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY (Welsh Division). A CREAT I DEMONSTRATION will be held at Porthcawl on Whit-Monday » AT 6 P.M. Speakers-MISS PALLISTER, &c. N.S.P.C.C. MERTHYR WORKERS COMMITTEE. HOPE MEMORIAL HALL, ON SATURDAY, MAY 31st, at 7 p.m. A meTtinq of Workers and all interested in the work of the N.S.P.C.C. are In- vited to meet MR. ROBERT J. PARR, O.B.E. Chairman—MR. A. J. BROBYN. A Musical Programme will be given. MERTHYR I.L.P. SUMMER PROPAGANDA. THOMASTOWN PARK, MERTHYR, SUNDAY, MAY 25th. AFTERNOON at 2.45- MR. ROBERT WILLIAMS (Transport Workers). EVENING at 7.30— MR. R. P. SHEPPARD (Wolverhampton). DRAWING for A. Stocks, Gilfach postponed. Result will be published on June 20, 1919. Note Secretary's changed address. Communica- tions addressed to Hy. Griffin, n Margaret Street, Gilfach, Bargoed. WINNING Numbers of Prize Drawing for TV Mrs. Thomas, Brithdir: 471, 108, 268, 175, 265, 740, 93, 689, 1109, 715, 1320, 1314, 276.—J. Harris, Secretary.


The Menace of Militarism.

Militarism in the Schools.…

" Red and Khaki."

IThe Explosion.

II.L.P. at Porthcawl.

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