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Merthyr Notes


Merthyr Notes Mr. Lansbury. AVe regret that the eongn^gation of Hope Church, Merthyr, and hundreds of the admirers of Mr. Geo. Lansbury ;u'? to he disappointed this of Mr. G(,o. to I)t? (11.s?il)l)t)]tit4,(It.] I i the pulpit at Hope at both morning and ('n'nin services to-morrow (Sunday) but during the week the doughty wid leader of Socialism has been called to Paris and from thence to Berne where his assistance is required an unravelling the com- plex ravel that Labour- is called upon to straight-en in its International. We arc proud of the honour that has deservedly fallen to George, and we are certain that Merthyr people will gladly stifte the little disappointment they feel to give Mr. Lansbury to that International. Mr. Lansbury will redeehi his engagement in the near future. As a consequence, Mr. Lansbury will be further prevented from keeping his ap- pointments at Pontycymmer and Hargoed. Will the comrades there please note. Shocking Cruelty of Horse. In imposing a fine of two months' im- prisonment) on Charles Davies, senior, and t5 or 31 days) on Charles Davies, junior, botti of Castle-street, Merthyr, who were summoned be- fore the Merthyr Stipendiary (Mr. R. A. Griffith) on Tuesday for cruelly illtreating a horse -by beating it, his worship said In my opinion no payment of money, however large, is adequate punishment for two brutes like these defendants who seem to have found a fiendish satisfaction in torturing the animal for more than half an hour." Should they eome before him again on a similar charge, they would be sent to prison. It was stated in evidence that the horse was beaten unmercifully and was quivering from head to foot. The defendants deuied the allega- tions. Treharris Miners1 Strike Threat. A strike threatened at the- Ocean Colliery Company's pits at Treharris Oil the question of the system under which workmen receive their pay-tickets was averted on Saturday. The de- mands of the miners wab that the dockets should be handed them on Fridays so as to avoid loss of time on Saturdays and failing the concessions, being granted they declared, their intention to stop work on Saturday. Meanwhi le the HUIII- ngement met t]w minM's' wishes. Arising from' the same proposnl thp workmen now ask for the. establishment of pay-boxes, nnd that wages shall"] be made up ready for distribution before-hand to i obviate the necessity for men to wait long periods for pays in inclement weather. I'nless thi- sug- gested scheme is adopts! before Match 1st a strike on that date will be declared. However, the proposals are stated to he receiving sym- pathetic consideration by the management. New Recreation Crounds. Merthyr Corporation intends negotiating fur-1 tlier for the purchase of a portion, of Broiiy- maen Farm, Dowlais, and the Coffee 'lavern Field, Merthyr ti, construct recreation grounds. Teachers' Salaries. Merthyr-School Management Committee on Wednesday decided to recommend the Ktluea- tion Authority to join in the scheme for tin- formation of a Glamorgan-shire and Monmouth- shire Conciliation Board to deal I%Itlt of salary and conditions affecting teachers. ♦Councillor Ll. M. Francis, Penydarren, and Alderman \V. Lewis. Treharris. wtjre appointed to sit on a III] t-t fdr the formu- lation of a scheme. Peace Day Celebration. There is a in Merthyr to: erect a war memorial, but the form the memor- j al may ta kp -is iiot determined. The mayor I L\I<lprman R. P. Rees) invited suggestions from, the public, a monetary award being offered for! the most attractive and practicable set. The prize fell to Mr. F. Thackeray, architect to the Corporation. Included in the proposals are m-hdnes for the erection of a much-needed public hall, the building of an-institute for young peo- ple, the extension of the Merthyr General Hos- pital, the creation of a nursing institution, the of t I(-ti)i--N, Av,(,?iiii(, "? Iiii(.(l with trees from Cyfarthfa Park. Merthyr, to Pants- ealloe:. Dowlais. a Victory Park." and a new road between Aberfan and Merthyr "Vale, and a park below Troedyrliiw. Collateral with the per-j manent memorial movenlent.j nrran?nK'nts are in progress also for Pca(e Day celebrations. To ¡ raise the !ne!no)?d fund an appeal is in antici- pation to all wage-earners in the borough t4-) contribute one day's wages. A big feature of the celebrations will be the entertainment of, .and tJw provision of soiyrenirs dren, and for this purpose the Merthyr Cor]/ora- tion were asked to vote on Tuesday evening an addition of £ '1,•">(}<) to the salary of the mayor. Although approval of the scheme wa-s expressed by individual members, the town council de- eiined to grant the request, and suggested that the expenses should be borne hy public suf*>crip- tion. Burns' Night. At the conclusion of the I.L.P. branch busi- u<?sn<'xt:Tn??d:)y, Mr. John Barr will treat i,n appreciation of Iii,I fellow-countryman, R<?)?)t'" Burns, whose week 1,,? (il)- s't-Vt?hvan t-iiis I Newbold's Call. '1 The course of local industrial history lessons that Mr. Walton Xewbold should have delivered at Beiitley's this week, had to be discontinued after Monday by reason of thr urgent call of New liold to Glasgow, on Party business. Mr. \V. C'raik, sub-warden of the C, L.C.. who was to deputise, arrived too late in the week. Mr. Xewbold is to return for Sunday, when lie: and Mr. Craik will jointly occupy the Rink plat-1 form. o Housing. Problem. I Tiie scarcity of houses in the Merthyr borough and the possibility of a still more serious state of affairs in the near future, was referred to at Tuesday's meeting of the Corporation, the Mayor (Alderman R. P. Rees..L P.) presiding. Coun- cillor D. Parry mentioned that a large number of leases in Georgetown, the oldest part of the town, would run out shirtly, and should tll, .owners agree to the re-buikling of the property many families would be turned out, inasmuch as the houses were so small and t%t)- would have to i>e demolished to allow of the re- building of one. He pressed for the immediate acquisition of land for building purposes. Alder- man C. Griffiths described the condition of some houses in Penydarren it, (tisgrteefill." They were in a most dilapidated cond ition, and were Dot fit for people to live in. Councillor H. M. Llovd. chairman of the Health Committee, point- ed out the difficulties at the moment, and said that immediately men were demobilised owners would be pressed to adequately repair tenements.

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