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i mHIM MY<L & EMPJRE MLME, Merthyr! I Licensee—Mr. Will Smithson. Managing Director—Mr. William Firth  5 General Manager—Mr. Fred Dry. S m m 16.30 TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.30 I BOTH PERFORMANCES PRECISELY THE SAME. I j Week commencing MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd, 1919. | < Messrs. H. Armitage and Arthur Leigh's Popular Company I- N WILL PRESENT Monday, Friday and Saturday-Wilson Barrett's Last and Greatest Play— |  LUCKY DURHAM. j I. Tuesday-C. Haddon Chambers' Brilliant Comedy— I s PASSERS BY. | I Wednesday & Thursday—Henry Arthur Jones Great Modern Morality Play— I I THE HYPOCRITES  CIRCLE STALLS PIT GALLERY I I Prices of AdmMWo ?MryDMrs— 15. 5d. 1/- 7d. 4d. I N Tax, 4d. Tax, 3d. Tax, 2d. Tax, id. I j Booked and Reserved-Circle 1/8—Tax, 4d.; Stalls, 1/2-Tax 4d. j "II II II II II I" I Merthyr Electric heatre • Week commencing Monday, February 3rd. I CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. j I Monday, Tuesday, and Wedne"ay- I "THE MORAL LAW" I Featuring the Versatile GLADYS BROCKWELL. I § COUNT BERNSTORFF'S SECRETS, Part 2. I I- THE FIREMAN—featuring Charlie Chaplin.' Pathe's Coloured Pictorial and Pathe's Gazette. I I • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- ?- t j "POLLY OF THE C!ROUS" I ? Featuring Dainty MAE MARSH. | 1- ONE A.M.—featuring Charlie Chaplin. 1- I WHERE SHORE AND WATER MEET. I I THE ROMANCE OF OLIVE, Part 4. I Pathe's Gazette, &e. • • I PRICES: 5d., 9d., 1/3 ioclnding Tax. Children: 3d., 5d. & 8d. I Children's Performance at One o'clock on Saturdays. I Ordinary Saturday Performance starts at 3.30 o'clock. Other Days 2.30 as usual. 1. I' .i It It .1 — — j^ Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, etc., they BLANCHARD' S speedily ffod r-hef and never fail to &UeTiate all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pill PILLS '?**??* Clwhia, Bitter, Apple, &c. Blanchard's are the ■ 1 best of all Pills for Women. Sold in bases, 1¡Hi. by BOOTS' Branches and all Chemists, or pest tree, same price, troni LESLIE MARTIN, Ltd., Chemists, 34 Dalston Lane, London.T> Samples and valuable booklet sent free, 1d. stamp. ————————— — HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 1919. Preacher- Rev. J. Morgan Jones, M.A. Services to begin at 11 o'clock and 8 p.m. HHt I* a PIIPAA CATARRH. HEAD NOISES, easily cured lirUAf tMtx V in a few days by the new fFREMCW DEAFNESSORLE NF-" Scores of wonderful cures reported. COMPLETELY CURED. Age 76. Mr. Thomas Winslade, of Borden, Hants, writes: I am delighted I tried the new Oriene," for the head noises. I am pleased to tell you, ARE GONE, aid I can bear as well as ever I could in my lUe. I think it wonderful, as I am 76 years old. and the people here are surprised to think I can hear so well again at my age." Many other equally good reports. Try one box to-day, which can be forwarded to any address upon the receipt of money order for 2/9. THERE 18 NOTHING BETTER AT ANY PRICE. Address, "ORLENE" Co., Railway Crssotnt, West Croydon, Surrey, Eng The "Welsh National Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Sol- diers' and Sailors' A MEETING of the above Federation will be held at The Court Arms, Merthyr, ON Tuesday Evening, Feb. 4th AT 7 P.M. All Discharged and Demobilised men are ear- nestly Invited to attend with a view to Joining this non-political Federation. PRIZE DRAWING. LSSWLLT I.L.P. Prize Drawing is pœt- ?? poned UDtil April 7tb. Merthyr Tydfil Union. j FOSTER FATHER AND MOTHER. THE Guardians of the above Union require i the services of a man and wife, as Foster Father and Mother, at the Cottage Homes, Llwydooed, Aberdare. which contains between 20 to 38 Boys. Salary, Father £ 40 per annum, plus the pre- vailing War Bonus; Mother zC30 per annum, plus the prevailing War Bonus, both with Board, Lodging and Washing. Candidates must not be under 25 nor more than 35 years of age. The Mother will be required to take charge of the Home Oook the Food, arrange the Meals, do needlework, and generally undertake the duties of a Home of the artisan class. The Foster Father, who must have a good knowledge of Gar- dening or Carpentering, will be required to as- sist in the general management of the Boys in the Grouped Homes, and to act generally under the supervision of the Superintendent. Any further particulars of the duties to be performed may be obtained upon application to the Superintendent of the Cottage Homes, Llwydcoed, Aberdare. The appointments will be subject to the pro- visions of the Poor Law Officers Superannuation Act, 1896, and National Health Instrance Acts. Applications, with copies of three recent testi- monials, must be sent to me on or before the 12th day of February, 1919, and be made upon Forms, which can be obtained upon application at my Office, or by forwarding me a stamped, addressed, foolscap envelope. By Order, FRANK T. JAMES, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. PONTYPRIDD INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY. The Annual General Meeting will be held on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY-Oth, at 6 p.m. sharp. MEMBERS TAKE NOTE:- I.-Time at which Meeting commences. 6 p.m. sharp, and not 7 p.m. 2.-Comrad e Smith, of Newport, and Comrade Bowden, of Aberaman, will attend the meet- ing as a deputation from South Wales Socialist Sunday School Union. 3.-Agendas may be had from the Seoretary Oil application. I.L.P. MEETINGS. OLYMPIA RINK, MERTHYR, Sunday Next, Feb. 2nd, 1919. Speakers:* Mr. Walton Ne-wbold, :M:. A. London, and Mr. WILL CRAIK, Sub-Wat den, Central Labour College. Chairman -3Ir. Noah Ablett. OHAIR TAKEN AT 2.45 P.M. PROMPT. Admission by Silver Collection. Economic Lectures by Mr. Newbold at the I.L.P. Institute on Thursday, Feb. 6th, and Friday, Feb. 7th, at 7-30 p.m.

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