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and Religious bodies from Land's End to John O'Groats at their usual meetings or at special demonstrations, conferences and gatherings de- clared that conscription must go will undoubted- ly prove the most effective method of expressing the will of the people. Sunday, the 2nd of March is to be devoted to that purpose. The National Council for Oivil Liberties, 33 Henrietta-Street. W.C.2 has'al- ready secured a large number of the best known men and women to speak on that date and is willing in other ways to help with arrangements. Where spea kers are already booked we ask that their time on that day may be devoted to this subject. We look to every organisation and eve?ll- branch to co-operate in making this Sun- day a national demonstration against the con- tinuance of conscription.— Yours, etc. B. N. LANGDOX-DAVTES, Secretary. Lahour Board seems to have regarcfHi the Mooney case as a foundling they did not want, and from general experience of similar positions everywhere it is a strong presumption that they quickly pulled strings, and those strings worked the commutation." But that is not enough. International Labour has gone into this case for the purpose of securing justice, and justice, de- mands a new t rial and the punishment of the perjurers and the larger criminals who stand he- hind them. That is what Mooney wants, that is what America Labour wants, that is what Inter- national Democracy demands. IOLD, OLD STORY. Of course the usual pro-G erman, and Bolo gold stories have been fastened on to Mooney, but so long as American leader-writers can fasten such lies to tht' counter so promptly a.s the following we can ignore this story, which history has now rendered abortive. "A NEW MOONEY CHARCE." Senator Phelan went out of his way on Tues- day to ma ke on the floor of the United States Senate the silly and unsubstantiated charge that Tom Mooney had been bribed by the German Government to break up the preparedness parade in San I1 rancisco in July, 1910, by the use of dynamite. He further said that Organized Labour was absolutely indifferent as to Mooney's fate and that the President's Commission had reported that the courts had treated him, Mooney, with the utmost fairness. It is useless to argue with a man who will so far abuse his privilege as a Senator as to de- liberately lie about a situation which he knows is one of the greatest blots on the fair name of California. There is but one answ er that Labour has to Senator Phelan and his confreres of like type. and that is that the Senate has outlived its use- fulness and should be abolished." LABOUR'S DONATIONS. Just a word in conclusion in praise of Rena Mooney (Tom's wife) who is the head and shoulders of the defence movement, and who was charged along with Tom for complicity in the bomb outrage, and acquitted. Mrs. Moonev in her last letter wrote:— it has been a pleasure to be the wife of such a noble, courageous, unbroken a spirit as Tom -Aloolle N-. If he must die, he is mentally and physically able to meet the occasion; but he is confident you wjU not fail in this supreme test, and that you will bend every effort, not only to gain his release but to bring back the innocent Billings from a living grave and place this crime where Walker says it belongs—on the man who furnished the Kaiser's dynamiter wtih creden- ttats." That Amerieall Labour w ill do these things is surely foreshadowed in the following vote of funds to the Defence Committee": The elec- trical workers of the'Bristol Shipyards of Phila- delphia- (one day's pay), or $297,00. Bricklayers No. 5 of Cleveland, Ohio, sent a cause. The Pearse-Connelly Club of Butte, Montana, held a bazaar, and forwarded !?450,00. The miners of Dietz, AVyoming, with 285 members, assessed themselves $LOO each, as did also Miners No. 1978 of Shady Side, 0. The boilermakers. No. 104, of Seattle, sent$1,000.