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THE BOCEY OF BRITISH BOLSHEVISM. THE EI)ITOR. I TO THE EDITOR. I ,Sir,-Wilell the capitalist class creates a bogey one may be sure its class interests are menaced bv the reality which the bogey is supposed to re- present- The." Bogey of Bolshevism is the latest emanation from the hell of Capitalism. Sired by the Father of Lies and dammed by the Mother of Hatred, this Bogey evinces all the evil qualities of its evil parents. It has been evok ed by the weird incantations of Capitalist politicians and journalists of renegade Socialists arid corrupt Labour leaders. It is indeed a fear- some monster. It is red-red with the glow of the pit of--Ctpi ti.lisru. It is a ruddy terror. It is the negation of the law and order which pre- vail in Capitalist Society—God bless it. It spells anarchy, murder, theft, incest, and red ruin—Red Ruin. It is subversive of bourgeois morality—the right of a minority to fatten on t,he surplus-value created by the toiling millions. It would not only outlaw a Sir iMgar Jones, but -liorror of horrors '—would cold-bloodedly knock .,Iown to the workers for nothing his worldly "'('altll Now what is Bolshevism, which this gibbering bogev impostures? Bolshevism is the Socialist policv of the majority left wing of the Social- Democratic Party of Russia. That policy tn- umphed in the November Revolution, 1917, when ..all power was given to the "orkerÀ and Sol- diers' Councils throughout Russia to convert the privately owned land and capital of the coun- try into social property. The peasant soldiers of Russia are not having the difficulty which ,-onfrt)nt-s ex-service men here in getting suffi- cient land for their needs. No land monopoly there stands in the way of an equitable distri- bution of the soil to all who want it. In one brief year considerable progress has been made in the socialisation of industry. Order is being rapidly created out of the infernal chaos caused by the criminal maladministration of the late Czar's Government. The amazing energy of the people, the excellent results which have followed the daring experiment of the Bolsheviks in giving all power to the working-class, have con- verted bitter political foes into ardent sup- porters. Maxim Gorkí-the famous novelist—as an individual, and the Mensheviks as a political party—are conspicuous examples. Education is being promoted in Russia to an extraordinary degree. Never before in the history of the l human race has any country poured forth such a. flood of cultural literature to satisfy the intel- lectual thirst of its inhabitants. All this is being done while the Government is being men- M'f.xl by the criminal intervention of the Entente Powers and the plots of the dispossessed capi- talists and landlords—whose Coalition Govern- ment was overthrown by the Bolshevik Revolu- tion. Anyone w ho understands the meaning of Socialism and fights for its realisation would be only too proud to be labelled a. Bolshevik. Such .a, one would be only too willing to expose the vile misrepresentation of Bolshevism by all capi- talist liars. Such a one would not seek to dis- claim the insinuation tda.t lie or she favoured Bolshevism and desire^rits establishment in the country of his or her lords and masters. Such a one would' not see any danger in Bolshevism; but only the greatest good of the greatest num- ber. Unfortunately, in this country it is only too true that the majority of the workers organised in the Labour Movement are unfriendly to Bol- shevism. This in my judgment is due to their ignorance of what Bolshevism means and what it is doing and has done for the erstwhile serfs and wage-slaves of the Russian Empire. *Xour con- tributor, Mr. E. Gill, in his article on the Bogey of Bolshevism indignantly repudiates the Coalition calumny that lie and other Labour candidates are Bolsheviks. He appears to be proud that he fought in a capitalistic war and helped the Entente Powers to win a victory for the sordid Imperialistic ends which were revealed by the publication of the Secret Treaties by those very Bolsheviks whose doctines lie believes to be so pernicious. Mr. Gill, however, is mis- taken in thinking that British Bolshevism is "a figment of the imagination." I agree that it is m>t, as yet, "a controlling influence with organ- ised Labour," but it is rapidly spreading within as well as without the Labour Party. Unless he and other Labour leaders take a far more sympathetic view of Bolshevism than they do at present, I can assure him they will eventually find themselves political bankrupts, like that dis- carded tool of International Imperialism—the would-be Buonapartist, Kerensky. While I don't doubt that Mr. Gill's contempt for the menda- cious political campaign of the Coalition, and its corrupt principles, is quite sincere, I am not so sure that the chiefs of his party share his con- tempt. At any rate we are told that before o-oino- on to the International Socialist and La- I)olll. eol-lfc,Oll"(, at Lausanne. Mi-. Arthur Hen- < dcrson lunched with Mr. Lloyd George in Paris' Needless to say, a party led by men who, with- out a long spoon, sup with the arch-creator of the Bogey of British Bolshevism is not likely to be much of a thorn in the side of British Im- perialism, or to extend any real help to the struggling Socialist Republic of Russia. that being so, the sooner the Labour Party is dis- rupted the better. The urgent need of the hour is the formation of a powerful revolutionary Socialist movement in this country aiming at the immediate estab- lishment of a Soviet Republic, and thereby or- ganising the workers to demonstrate in a prac- tical way their detestation of the histile actions of the Entente Powers against the Russian Workers' Industrial Republic.—Yours, etc., FRED SYLVESTER. 8 Evelyn Road. Sparkhill, Birmingham.






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