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I State Ownership of Industry


I State Ownership of Industry STRONG LEAD BY MERTHYR LABOURITES I TRADES UNION CONCRESS AND LABOUR PARTY EXECUTIVES ASKED TO ACT. The possibility, now that the was is over, of a reversal to the system of private ownership in respect to State controlled concerns—upon some of which £ 62,000,000 of public money has beon spent—is fully appreciated by the Merthyr Trades Council and Labour Party, who, at Thursday night's meeting, in a comprehensive resolution, indicated an effective way of dealing with the situation. Brought forward by the Chairman (Mr. Hugh Williams), moved by Mr. Bert Brobvn, and se- conded by Mrs. J. Davies, the resolution, which was passed with unanimity, reads:— "Having regard to the unmistakable signs that the Government contemplates the imme- diate rehabilitation of private ownership by handing back to their original owners tho mines, railways, shipping and the industrial fac- tories of the country, we, the Merthyr Trades Council and Labour Party request all local trades councils and Labour Parties to ask their central bodies to call at once special national confer- ences so as to authorise the Parliamentary Com- mittee of the Trades Union Congress and the Labour Party Executive to sit in continuous ses- sion. We are of the opinion that the National Executives should take immediate steps to pre- vent the proposals being put into force. Fur- ther, we call on all the Labour Forces to imme- diately protest against the use of Allied Forces in Russia for capitalistic purposes and demand the recall of the forces at once." The secretary (Mr. W. Harris) was instructed to circularise copies of the resolution to the or- ganisations concerned. MACLEAN'S TERRIBLE PLICHT. What John Maclean, the Labour candidate for the Gorbals division of Glasgow, is under- going at Petershead, where he is serving a term of five years' penal servitude for a polit-ical offence, may be gauged from a letter from Mrs. Maclean to Mr. Fairchild, secretary of the B.S.P. Mrs. Maclean wrote: "T was up seeing John at Petershead yesterday. T have repeatedly asked for a visit but always refused. So in desperation I asked for the visit due to me in November, and it was granted. John has been on hunger- strike since July. He resisted forible feeding for a good while, but submitted to the inevitable. Now lie is being fed by n stomach tube twice daily. Hp has aged very much and has the look of a man who is going through torture. The doctor all along told me he was in good health and also the prison commissioners, and I know nothing of the forcible feeding until John him- self told me in the presence of the doctor and the two warders. Ex-Inspector Syme told me at the beginning of John's imprisonment that I need not worry about the fear of him going on hunger strike as they daren't start forcible feed- ing without letting the relations know. em- ingly anything is the law in regard to John and T hope you will make this atrocity public. We must get hina ont of their clutches. Tt is nothing else but slow murder. T feel very bitter at the way I have been treated." Ttio letter having been read, a resolution de- manding the immediate release of Maclean and other political prisoners was adopted. I RENTS AND RATES. The decision of the housing committee of the Merthyr Town Council to increase the rentals of the Corporation houses to the extent of the ad- vance in the rates came in for adverse criticism by Mr. L. M. Francis, who regarded the move as one on the part of the landlords, and their agents on the council to get the Corporation to take the initiative in rent raising. No cam pnign. aid Mr. Francis, could be made between the council houses and those privately owned, because the tenants of the former were providing the municipality with property worth £ 17,000. And so it was that the Labour Group did not think it fair to add the burden of increased rates upon the occupiers. In Penydarren the Corpor- ation houses paid to capital every year £43.1, thirty having tbii- already been paid for, leaving only seventy to be acquired in the same way. The La bour councillors were instructed to op- pose the housing committee's recommendation on coming up for adoption by the Town Council. INEWPORT WATER SUPPLY. Reports on the conference between representa- tives, of the Merthyr Trades Council and the Newport Trades Council( who were stated to be in favour of a scheme for fl joint water-board for Merthyr and Newport) having been given by jN f eq-,rs. T Toni, Messrs. Harris, J. Jones and .T. Adkins (the Merthyr delegates) a resolution to be sent to the Merthyr Corporation was passed to the effect that t-lie trades council thoil c-rht the time had now arri^ ved when the water-supply question should be considered by the Corporation with a view to bringing into existence a co-partnership scheme between authorities in need of water- supplies.


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