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i A Word With The New Socialist.I


A Word With The New Socialist. i OT even on the ever of a General Election, when the natural atmosphere of the old politics was one of camouflage and lies. "can a real Democracy afford to lie about its position and its strength, and for that reason we have no hesitation in con- fessing to the growth in South Wales of the spirit of new Socialism that accepts Marx as the master, hut modifies him under the impulse of pioneering enthusiasm to a use of purely in- dustrial weapons. We ourselves take pleasure that the "Piollcpr" has done what it could to aid the educational work that has been one of the splendid visible accomplishments of the new spirit, but we have never taken the view of the few that the exercise of industrial strength rendered the use of the political weapon unneces- sary. Our knowledge of the history of the movement is not so confined that we have not been able to realise clearly that nowhere has the new Socialism been able to triumph where the existence of the political party was still a. thing of the future. We have recognised to the full the truth that Robert Rives La Monte—himself a disciple of the new Socialism and one of its best scribes—uttered when he said "To give your Labour unions an atmosphere in which they can develop a healthy and vigorous life, you must put just as many Socialists as possible into political office," and again, It is well to re- member that the new Socialism has never yet become powerful in any country where there was not a lready in existence a more or less potent Socialist political party. And in all of its strug- gles it has been aided by Socialists in Office. Here in America, as a matter of chronology it was not until after Berger was elected to Con- gress that Haywood led the Lawrence strikers to victory. And Berger helped very materially in that fight. Without the active aid of the Socialist Party the Lawrence strike would have tailed." And what is true of America is true of EIIgland, and of France. Tom Mann and Ben Tillett, we are sure, would freely concede the use and power of the assistance of such idealist Parliamentarians as Lansbury during the Lon- don Dock Strike and other great conflicts that they organised and waged. If Socialism in Par- liament has not been able to assist more in the past the fault is not the Socialists there but the workers in the country for their blindness to their own interests. But let the past stay dead, from it we can only draw the historical data wherefrom to adjudge principles. The future is Ours. The fight more than ever before will be waged on the industrial field—at the seat of ex- ploitation, as our comrades would say. We ad- mit that, but concurrently we ask you to realise the need to back that army in the field by in- vading the "Capitalist Executive" with as many members as possible. Invade it so that the reforms that come to us, the reforms we need, are not the philanthropic reforms of Coali- tionists that mean a little for the workers and a lot for the workers' economic owners, but real revolutionary reforms that lessen the ever widen- ing gap b(twixt the classes. That work must be. done, that the new work can be carried forward whether Parliament will be necessary or not in the future we may leave to the future to decide. At the moment it is an imperative need, and we appeal to our young and enthusiastic comrades who would fold their arms in indolent indiffer- ence when politics are mentioned, to recogni se that there is synthetic relationship betwixt union and Parliament-, mid re-organising that throw-off in the crusade against the bourgeoisie that is now* being waged with all that splendid enthusiasm they possess. Not an atom of power that can be exerted dare we leave unexerted this time, or ever, till the fipflit is won, and we call upon all who name themselves Socialists of whatever school to demonstrate their faith in their actions. To the task, comrades, the rivets of the chains that we must lose were fastened in Westminster as the economic conditions heated them, use Westminster in the task of breaking them too.

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