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' In Memoriam.I


In Memoriam. DEATH OF ALBERT RUDALL, C.O. We regret to announce the death of Albert I Rudall, of Newport, Mon. Comrade Rudall was an old I.L.P.er, and one of the original C.O.'s to he arrested under the Military Service Act. After his imprisonment he was released on to the Home Office Scheme and worked at Keddingr ton, Warwick and Dartmoor. A short while ago he was allowed to proceed home to find work under the H.O. new scheme of Exceptional Em- ployment and, owing to the time-limit imposed in such cases, was compelled to undertake work for which he was entirely unsnited. The result is he has left us for good. His Newport com- rades are filled with grief at the loss of so sin- cere, unassuming, blit enthusiastic a supporter of freedom and international brotherhood—a grief which we feel sure will he reflected throughout the whole C.O. movement.


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