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I Mr. Henderson and Troelstra.…


I Mr. Henderson and Troelstra. IMPERATIVE NEED FOR RENEWED APPEAL TO GERMANS. FOR DEFINITE STATEMENT ON AIMS AND METHODS. Anent our summary of Troelstra's interview to "1' Humanite" last week, in which refer- ence was made by the Dutch leader to the statements of M. Camille Huysman and Mr. Arthur Henderson, the latter has granted an interview on the subject in the course of which the British leader says that he might have been misled into a too generous estimate of the situation, but everything depended upon a cor- rect appreciation of what was implied in the acceptance of the neutral proposals as a basis of discussion. It would now appear, he adds, that the offer to acvept. the neutral document as a ba."is of discussion had no significance for the German Majority Party, and was not, as he believed, significant of a new spirit, in which that party would be prepared to approach the problems of peace. If, as M.. Troelstra was re- ported to have said, there was no new attitude, it was very unfortunate, for it would mean, failing that new attitude on the part of the German Majority, that the Allied Socialists must on their side adhere strictly to the conclu- sions of the Inter-Allied Conference, which de- clared that all organisations to be represented at the International must make a clear pro-I nouncement by public declaration of their peace terms, and the rights of all peoples to self-deter- mination. Mr. Henderson insisted on the imperative need of again inviting the Germanic parties to reply to the Inter-Allied Memorandum clearly setting forth their position, and declaring whether or not t'bey were prepared to join in an attempt to discover amicable solutions for those territorial questions, upon the right treatment of which the future security of the world from the menace of war so vitally depends.



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