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Kenfig Hill Notes|


Kenfig Hill Notes I The I.L.P. Councillor Morgan Jones, Bargoed. spoke at air-open-air meeting on Waunbant Cross on Sunday to an appreciative audience, and drove home many truths full of real worth. His com- parisons of competition and co-operation did not leave many in a "fog" unless they were endowed with it as a hereditary complaint which, of course, is "their" misfortune. He spoke of the hypocricy and tmct-iiousness of peo- ple who professed to believe that portion of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven," and permitted the slums and its consequent evils, and then tried to stifle their consciences by subscribing to charitable in- stitutions, which professed to allay the evil in. stead of following the Master's example, by try- ex nll) l e. I)v ing to bring ahout a bit more of the Heaven they talk so much about and endeavour to pre- vent such a state of society to prevail. But without this state of affairs how could the parasitic class exist and control the labour mar- ket unless they had the bottom dog always weighing at the other "end of the plank. He appealed for greater unity in the ranks of the local I.L.P. and said that their policy was the one that would eventually come out on top as the only sane one that could be accepted by the working classes in their relation to this war. J. Woolley presided. C.O.'s and the Franchise. I I have not heard so far of any action taken locally with regard to objection to C.O.'s being on the voters' list, but while in Bridgend the other day a prominent showed me a form of objection from one of the toadys at the colliery in which he works, objecting to his name because he is a C.O., although exempted by the Pit Committee because he is a married man. What a curious anamoly, ifri "objector" objecting to a conscientious objector voting while the "objector" himself objects to fight because his carcase is too precious to be exposed to danger, and he would rather drive this man to the trenches, who has a wife and six chil- dren. yet is a bona-fide miner like himself, but infinitely more entitled to be considered a speci- men of bona-fide manhood than Mr. Toady. But a "day" is coming when "toadyism will re- ceive its just reward from a nation who has been down to the depths of Hell to search for Democracy, and found it was nearer home.

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