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IDeath of Durham Miner C.O.

Merthyr Gas Workers.

IThe Electric Theatre


I.Christian Pacifists.I


I. Christian Pacifists. I ARMAMENTS CAN NEVER SUCCEED. I A largely attended meeting in support of a Christian Peace was recently held in Devonshire House, Bishopsga.te, E.C.. when the following resolution was carried with only one dissentient: That this meeting, solemnly conscious of the present world-wide tragedy, and the certain prospect of worse horrors to come, is 0ûm-inced that the method of securing the peace of the nations by armies incl naviec, and strategic fron- tiers can never succeed, because it is a. denial of the supreme Law of Love and the saerednes? of personality, as willed by the Father through Jesus Christ. We, therefore, call upon His Majesty's Government- to take immediate steps to promote a general armisticv and an interaa- tional conference, on the basis of total disarma- ment, and world-wide co-operation for the equal benefit of the whole human race." The Message of Christian Greeting from Ger- man Protestants (as recently published in the Press) was read and it was decided, to send a sympathetic reply, the audience standing in silence to signify their assent to this being done. ,-I l ene The speakers wer >: the Revs. Seaward Beddw, W. E. Orchard, D.D., Stanley B. James, and Miss Theodora Wilson Wilson.