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Merthyr Notes I Dowlais Works Tragedy. I "William Coulton Barnett, aged 70, of Corpor- ation-street, Penyard, Merthyr, employed as an oil-carrier a.t the Dowlais Works, was knocked down by a locomotive whilst, at work on Friday, the wheel s of the engine passing over his legs, and died within a few hours at the Merthyr General Hospital. Accidental death was the "erdict at the inquest on' Monday. Cwmtaff Moth Plague. I The caterpillar plague is back again, this year at Cwmtaff, the blight, as in previous years, only affecting trees like the wild cherry, hawthorne. hazel and bramble. No apprehen- t-ion is caused by the visitation for no pasture- land. fruit trees or vegetable growth have been n rfected. iE20 Milk Fine. Merthyr Stipendiary on Tuesday imposed a fine of t20 and costs upon George Williams, Pantsc-allog .Farm, Dowlais, for selling milk con- taining -3 per cent. of added water. Daring Daylight Robbery. Whilst the occupiers, Mr. Henry Millward ;,nd his ffunilv, were absent for a few hours, si bout £ 50 in Treasury notes and coins was stolen from their house in the Parade, Merthyr, on Saturday afternoon. An entry was appar- ently effected by the thief or thieves through an open pantry-window. Grocers and J.P. List. I Me.rthyr Chamber of Trade on Tuesday passed a resolution of congratulation to the new jus- "tices of the peace fdr the borough. -N I r. E. J. Rich (president), moving the resolution, which was seconded by Mr. C. M. Da vies, expressed gratification at the inclusion amongst the addi- tional magistrates of five members of the Cham- ber of Trade, two being grocers. For the past twelve months, lie said, grocers had been held up to the public as something very little less than unmitigated rascals and <1-, a grocer he was proud to find the magisterial honour con- ferred upon two mem hers of his trade. I Tubercular Children Increase, h. F, A. Phillips (Clerk)' reported to the Merthyr Insurance Committee on Tuesday that children treated for tuberculosis through the Committee during the whole of last year num- bered 38, whilst during the pa^t five months alone 43 had wveeived treatment. Mr. R. Pring thought this remarkable increase due to the shortage of tats, It was decided to request the Merthyr Health Committee to take adion in them, Un.

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