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Merthyr Notes I


Merthyr Notes I Heolgerrig Workman's Bravery. The Deputy-Coroner (Mr. Griffith Llewellyn) and the jury, in the course of an inquest held at Merthyr on Thursday upon Isaac Pritchard, a colliery surfaceman, of Heolgerrig, who was drowned whilst bathing in Moody's Pond, warmly congratulated a Heolgerrig workman, James Richards, upon his efforts to save the drowning man. Hearing a bather was in diffi- culties in the pond Richards ran to the spot., and immediately plunged in, 'but unfortunately succeeded only in bringing out the dead body. Jo was a very creditable action on the part of Richards, said the deputy-coroner, and it was a pity that some of the young men, swimmer all like Richards, had not attempted to do as he did instead of standing on the bank, looking on and doing nothing. Bedlinog Children's Escapade. 11, 1 I "1 1 1 A niteen-year-oKi gin ana ner ten-year-olu brother were charged at Merthyr on .Friday with stealing £ 2*2 from their grandfather, Daniel Thomas, of Bedlinog, with whom they lived. The lad admitted stealing the money to which he obtained access by burning out the lock of a chest of drawers, in which it was kept. with a red-hot poker, afterwards giving £ 10 to ,the girl and distributing$1- portion of the re- mainder amongst some of his boy friends. The girl was sent to a reformatory until she was 19 year- of age and the lad given six strokes of the birch. Pubiic-House Compensation. Merthyr Licensing Authority on Monday de- cided to "refer" the Rheola Arms. Pichon- sireet. Mierthyr, and the Railway Tavern. East- street, Dowhis. for compensation assessed at £ 700 and £ 820 respectively. Mr. Griffith Llew- ellyn (for the ov/ners) and Mr. J. W, Lewis (for ¡ the tenant) accepted the Authority's offer in respect to the Rheola Amis, but Mr. F. S. Simons in the case of the Railway Tavern, de- clined f:S:20 compensation as inadequate, and intimated the intention of the owners, whom he ren'-e.-ented. to appeal. Boxing. I An assauit-at-arms was held at the Olympia Rink, Merthyr. on Saturday night in aid of the funds of the Merthyr General Hospital. Sam Jennings (Dovvlais) beat Young Dixon (Portb s in a fifteen-rounds content, Dixon taking the boards in th? fourth round. AY. Rees ?H?)\nmpy). matched against Re'es Mito!)e? for ?fief'n rounds, was knocked out in the second round, whilst Knock-Out- West, deputising I for Young Skinner (New Tredegar) retired in the fourth of ten-rounds with Mike Cahill (Ebbw Vale*. A Dimcliffe, Merthyr, was given the verdict on a foul against Dai Davies (Porth) in an eight-rounds bout. Sergt. John Collins, V.C., was in the audience, and was greeted with enthusiasm. Mr. Harrv Condie (Dowlais) was M.C. Obitt-ary. 1. The funeral look place at Cefn Coed on Wed- nesdav of Mr. William Lewis, Park-row. Mer- thyr. for many vears water-bailiff on the C'.vfarthfa Estate. The Rev. Arthur navies officiated. Chief amongst the mourners were: Messrs. W. J. and Alec Lewis (sons). Edwin Lewis. Aberrant- (brother), Watkin James (bro- ther-in-law), Win. Lewis. Abernant. W. T. Lewis. Sidney-Phillips, Penydarren (nephews), Han v Rowe and J. Walter Thomas (cousins). Wreaths were sent by )1r. F. T. James. Treve- thick Hall congregation and CVfnrthfa ladv- clerks. Mr. George and Merthyr's Million. I The Premier and Mr. Bonar Law have sent telegrams of congratulation to the Mayor (Mr. N. F. Hankey, J.P.) upon Merthyr's achieve- Tnt-nt in realising £ 1,035,000 in war-investments during the three days visit to the town of the tank. Julian." Bibles Stolen. Amongst articles stolen from her mistress by a Bedlinog servant girl, bound over at Merthyr on Fridav fur theft, were four volumes of the Bible. Police Congratulated. Mr. J. A. Wilson (chief-constable) and the Merthy Pol ice-force were complimented by the Merthyr Witeli Committee on Monday for the efficient manner in which the crowds regu- lated during the threp days' visit of the tank to the town. D.C.M. and His Wife. Jessie Bazeley, of Treharris. obtained at the Merthyr Police Court on Tuesday a mainten- ance order for 15!- a week against her hus- band. George William Bazeley, D.C.M.. and winner of the Croix de Guerre, who was stated to be now under treatment for paralysis at t war-hospital. The man, in a letter to the indicts, i ntminted his intention of living no longer with his wife, but gave no reason for his Tearing her.i Presentation to V.C. The Merthyr platoons of the 2nd Glamorgan volunteer Regiment on Tuesday night pregented Sergt. John Collins, V.C.. with a silver-mounted Tnalaeca cane. Mean and Contemptible" Offence. Owen Thomas, a Merthyr Vale collier" was fined 40s. and costs (or 21 days' imprisonment) at Merthyr on Tuesday for marking as his a tram of coal filled bv a discharged soldier, Wal- ter James Wootton. Ifr. Ti. Porchcr (of Messrs. Morgan, Bruce. Nicholas and Porchcr, Ponty- pridd). the prosecuting solicitor, described the offen<-e as partfcularlv mean and conteniptible. Corporation and Pauper Burials. Merthyr Cemeteries Committee on Monday decided to defer until iftei- the war the pro- wsni to use graves, in which burials have not been made for over twenty years, and not pur- chased outright after notice by relatives of the persons buried in them, for the interment of paupers. Alleged Forgery in Pay-Docket. Joseph Nicholas, an assisrant-timberman. of Corporation-street, Penyard. was charged fore the Merthyr Stipendiary (Mr. n. A. Grif- fith) on Tuesday with attempting to defraud his employers, the Hills-Plvmouth Colliery Co. (Ltd.). Mr. Griffith Llewellyn (solicitor for the prosecution) stated thnt. defendant was proceed- ed against under the .Forgery Act. 1013. and cbarged with forging a pay-ticket by making material alterations with intent to defraud: with uttering the forged document, and with unlawfully and feloniously endeavouring to ob- tain £1 18" lOd. bv means of the altered docket. Defendant was entitled at the close of the week ending May 25th to 8s. 10d. waires for one day worked during that period. On being handed in at the pay-office on June 1st, the ticket regis- tered an amount of £ 1 18s. lPd. and nurnho.- of turns worked were given a-s five. Nicholas was asked to (-All at diP office again on t h, fol- lowing Mordav be was r|ites«-ioned. and .thpn ,-onfe-sr>d to having made alterations in the figures. Defendant, in evidence, stated that, the reason for his tampering with the docket was that he was in need of money that week because of family affliction, and he was under the impression that, as he had five days' pay in hand, the irregularity would be noted and deductions made from his following weeks' pay. Nicholas was committeed for trial at the Glamorgan Assizes, bail being allowed in a per- sonal surety of £ 25 and another for the same amount.

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