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The C.L.C. and the I.L.P.

Fred -Bramley on Housing.


Fred Bramley on Housing. 50,000 INFANTS TOSSED INTO GRAVE- I YARDS YEARLY. A.CONDEMNATION OF LONDON'S LOCAL I AUTHORITY. In his presidential address at the special con- ference of the London Labour Party, Mr. Fred Bram ley said he had to again report an increase in the aggregate membership of the Party mem- bership: 1914, 134,951; April, 1918, 224,196. They were doing their best to build up a strong independent Labour force in London. "The Annual Conference resolution on Housing and Town Planning has been submitted by deputation to the President of the Local Government Board, and Mr. Hayes .Fisher con- sidered the occasion to be one of such import- ance as to use it as an opportunity for an im- portant declaration on departmental policy," he continued. "To some sections of the com- munity the housing problem may be an abstract question of social rdorm; to the worker it is a matter of life and death. BABIES WHO OUGHT NOT TO DIE. I The 1,000 babies Lord Rhondda desired to save every week represent the surplus death- rate. among infants born in working-class homes. According. to Sir James Crichton Browne, the debt to nature from the general population is overpaid each year to the extent of OO,OOO lives. We are tossing to the graveyard every year as a result of bad housing and other con- ditions oOjOOO infants whose lives could be saved by proper conditions. Yet London's Local Authorities sleep, or when awa ke, only exercise their vigilance to keep back housing reform. The pre-liistoric Council of Wandsworth re- quested Mr. Edwin Evans, L.C.C., President of the National Federation of Property Owners, to draft for them a memorandum so that they might explain to the Local Government Board their view of public enterprise in the matter. Needless to say, the-Council declined the re- quest of the Board to make housing plans. DESERVE ALL THEY GET. I Electors who submit to this kind of repre- sentation deserve all they got. But. in the mean- time the slaughter of the innocents will con- tinue. As an alternative to healthy homes we get. Baby Week Campaigns, during which the well-fed, well-dressed cranks of the middle and upper classes—somcrot whom have never nursed anything more precious tha.n a pampered poodle —lecture the mothers of the Grenadier Guards on how to nurse their babies. Working-classes mothers can take care of their young quite as well as the mothers of the rich if given a better chance. Your heroes who have left a slum to defend an Empire will return to the slums un- less something happens to the reactionary in- fluences now controlling London. The London Labour Party's duty is to cultivate a live spirit of citizenship, and to secure that reaction and private greed shall no longer stand between the people and the more abundant life which all may obtain as a result of the more effective use of the powers we possess."—( London Labour Party Circular ").

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The C.L.C. and the I.L.P.