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The New Ration Books.


The New Ration Books. IMPORTANT NEW INSTRUCTION AN- NOUNCED AT C.W.S. MEETING. At the quarterly divisional meeting of the Co-operative Wholesale Society on Saturday (held at Cardiff, it was announced by the chair- man (Mr. Holt, of Rochdale) that with the issue of the new ration books instructions will be given by the Ministry of Food' to the Local Food Control Committees that they should ac- cept as a reason from any person desiring to change his retailer, that he formerly dealt with a particular trader, including a co-operative society. This instruction will enable members of co-operative societies who have registered for any or all rationed articles outside their own shareholding institution to rectify the posi- tion and return to the stores as their retailer and source of supply. Each individual co-oper- ator must make personal application to the Food Control Committee within his area in or- der to re-register effectively. It was important in the interests of distribution, he sa id, that members should at once take the opportunity of nominating their own society as their source of supply for any or fo.' all rationed articles. It was explained by the chairman, that the position with regard to the supply of tea to co- operative societies bad been considerably eased. The Datum period was to be removed, which would enable societies to get a quantity of tea according to present membership. Since 1914, about 250,000 new members had joined the co- operative movement, and a largo proportion of these, on account of the Datum period, had not been calculated in Government supplies to the C. W.S. This grievance, however, had been re- medied, and an extra supply of 300,000 lbs. of tea bad been guaranteed to the co-operative movement, making the total tea trade of t.he C.W.S. into 900,000 lbs. per week.

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A Soldier Again. I